The expert beauty and fashion consultant whose entrepreneurial story is inspiring.

The Syrian beauty expert created wealth from scratch.  Many people understand hard work and dedication, fewer understand what it is to live a life of extreme luxury and privilege, and only a select few are those who can honestly say that they have lived and experienced both sides of that spectrum. Bobbi Awad is one of those rare few. Beginning her life as the daughter of a highly successful developer and entrepreneur in the Middle East, she lacked nothing. At 11-years-old, that all changed quite suddenly. Now, as a refugee, she had first-hand experience in starting over from scratch. With her mother as her inspiration, humility and perseverance at the forefront of  her mind, she has overcome the ever odd stacked against her. 

Passion Project & Secret to Success: “I am on a mission to help empower and support the powerful and unstoppable woman. Bobbie Awad Beverly Hills Beauty is the consulting brand that allows me to deliver all facets of personal care and beauty: fashion, permanent makeup to cosmetic surgery and even brand development. I provide it all. I have been able to move up the ranks of the corporate beauty industry and build amazing relationships with rock stars, world leaders, businesswoman and those closest to me. I was forced into a leadership position at Chanel, and while I didn’t understand why at first, I appreciate it now. My superiors saw potential in my abilities with sales, and because of it I became a better salesperson and leader to myself, team and company.”



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