The Power of Forgiveness

What is forgiveness? Before we dive into it, allow me to share with you what it is not! Forgiveness is not the act of justifying people’s hurtful words and actions towards us. It is not about forgetting what happened. 

Forgiveness IS about releasing the toxic energy that binds our souls together – the kind that ultimately pollutes and corrupts our hearts and souls. Forgives IS an act of love, mercy and compassion towards ourselves. 

Yes, I get it, how can we – in a moment of despair practice forgiveness and reconnect to our higher self, the source of love and light?  Allow me to share the following affirmation based on Pranic Healing teachings. 

At a glance, the sentence may seem short and possibly insignificant – you will come to realize and experience the power it beholds. 

Verbally or mentally recite the affirmation whenever you find yourself in the path of your own or someone else’s wrath. We are consciously directing the flow of divine energy with the purpose of uplifting us – in this state, we become untouchable by low-vibing energies. 

Let us begin!

  1. Exhale all the air out of your lungs.
  2. Bring forth in your mind’s eye the person or situation.
  3. Inhale and exhale deeply and gently. 
  4. Mentally or verbally recite the following affirmation seven consecutive times: 

“I forgive and I ask forgiveness from every person, every being in time and space who is karmically connected to my present condition. So be it.” 

About the author: Pranic healer, entrepreneur, teacher, radio and TV personality. Marcela’s belief is that inner healing and transformation begins with our ability to practice forgiveness towards oneself and of others. This is how our hearts will heal and in the process, we’ll recognize the great divinity within all. Currently she is a contributor for Univision in Los Angeles and the Bay Area and on the  national level with Telemundo and Estrella TV. Visit, @MarcelaArrietaOfficial, to continue your healing practice. 



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