Marlene Brehm

Marlene Brehm

Marlene Brehm is an acclaimed entrepreneur in multiple industries. Over her 20-year career, she has created social proof, written screenplays, executive-produced herself as the #1 EDM music artist under the name LEXXICA, dominated the direct sales industry, and has exponentially grown multiple companies as a distinguished business strategist. She brings an innovative approach to the marketplace with enthusiasm that is rare and bright. Marlene is extremely talented in applying her unique style and skills to create teams, connect people, and drive eminent success for companies. Marlene’s uncanny ability to sort through lessons learned and proven methodology and cross-pollinate them into different industries makes her a maverick. She is a Thought Leader who is always focused on how she can give back and impact causes, especially stopping human trafficking. Her passion for creating a win for the customer while building a better tomorrow for her team members led her straight to the emerging “Gig Economy”(i.e. Uber, Airbnb, TaskRabbit, etc.). By conjoining best practices of direct sales with the Gig Economy, she is using the synergy of these two massive distribution channels to build the first-ever “Uber of technology services.” Her vision to create this hybrid business model in Cybersecurity became the foundation for her new Company, CrowdPoint Technologies. She is inspired by helping people reach their potential and is especially passionate about creating a new opportunity for women to flourish in technology.

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