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Morgan Hardman

ABOUT ME... I'm not a fan of sob-stories, but if there was a picture in the dictionary for one, you'd see my face. For some time I didn't know what I was going through wasn't normal, but eventually I found out that I was an exception to the rule. Each of my siblings has a story they can tell, but as I tell mine I've found more strength over the years. I lived in several group homes, detention centers, and with friends and family along the journey. Each stop taught me something that I'll never forget. There was a lot of pain in suffering physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, but I've been able to heal my heart and help others. The place I pull from is deep in my spirit. I can hear and feel the pain of others because I've been through it all. I can say, in the end, all is well. Your story doesn't have to end here. You can heal, grow, and change just as I have and that's what I've dedicated my life to.

Success is What You Say It Is

For many years I didn’t understand the importance of a “personal brand.” It’s much more than what you see online. It’s

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