Rickey Lamonté Colley

Rickey Lamonté Colley

From pushing 1 lb of marijuana to tons to becoming a self-made millionaire, Rickey Lamonté Colley ran the streets for 15 years before it caught up to him and he was taken in by federal authorities. “It started off just to feed us and then I became good at it; I treated it like a business. After doing it for so many years, I became successful, and I became a millionaire,” Rickey shares.  In the black market it is far and few inbetween that individuals reach such a height of cash flow in the millions circulating throughout their operation; due to the intricate and complex nature of the business. His keen sense of business was noted and brought out during his pre-trial. Authorities of the federal government, baffled by his organization, went on to taunt him, “You could have run a Fortune 500 company, why did you choose this instead?” Wit at the forefront and a life of fight and flight mode––Rickey hired a sentencing mitigator that was able to show mitigating circumstances due to his childhood history. The judge gave him a two-point downward departure, which gave him 97 months, as the judge explained that Rickey never had a shot at life; he didn’t know any better. “I had to speak up for myself because my lawyer was a dump truck. My original lawyer died during my pre-trial.” Growing up in South Central Los Angeles in the ‘80 and 90’s was a time and place ravished by the effects of drugs. Unfortunately for Rickey, this was his reality, a painful addiction he saw firsthand through the life of his mother and other family members. With his mom on and off drugs, they frequently moved around and changed schools. Family members occasionally helped out as they could, but at the end of the day, it was up to Rickey to keep the house afloat. From caring for his brother with sickle cell disease and other siblings to cooking and cleaning the house, he matured in ways unusual for a 10-year-old boy. He was forced to grow up before his time; due to his environment and extreme circumstances, he naturally progressed to selling marijuana at the young age of 17, as a matter of primal survival. Despite the misfortune of time served, he sees his prison sentence as a blessing––it gave him a sense of structure he never had, and it provided him with the time to reflect on his life and ways he could turn himself around.  When Barack Obama allowed non-violent drug offenders relief, he was granted a 16-month reduction of his sentence, resulting in him serving only six years of his nine-year sentence. Rickey took the business acumen he acquired from the streets and put it towards building new legitimate businesses. Using his hardships as a motivator to start his new life, he reinvented himself through real estate, interior design and as the CEO of  RSXCO Inc, a fragrance and luxury lifestyle brand. Aside from his brand, Home Skillet Eatery is a catering company that serves organic soul food curated and designed with passion merging luxury and art on a platter while keeping it simple yet rich in taste. He has repurposed his hustle by dedicating his life to building a legacy for his children, along with a desire to inspire underprivileged youth to stay on the right path and continue to follow their dreams despite their upbringing. 
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