Brooke Thomas is a dynamic faith-filled entrepreneur who has built an 8-figure empire, empowering businesswomen to write their own rules for success. With her extensive experience as an Elite Level Business Strategist and leader of multiple Masterminds, she has helped thousands of women achieve levels of success they never knew were possible. She firmly believes in the power of women and their ability to create a major impact in their business, life, and faith.

As Brooke shares, “God is a GOOD FATHER and we are LOVED by WHO we are, not by what we do. We are PROMISED a SOUND MIND in exchange for a spirit of fear! We should have confidence in WHO God has called us to be because we were made in HIS image! If we believe this truth, we should not have fear! We should always stand in AGREEMENT for God’s promises and build and create the life that we are made for!” 

Brooke is a beacon of light who encourages women to embrace their authenticity and not be afraid to express their true selves. Her faith serves as a foundation for her work and empowers her to overcome challenges. Reflecting on her journey, Brooke shares advice she would give to her younger self with the benefit of hindsight. She says, “I would tell her to FORGIVE ALWAYS, RISE UP, SPEAK UP and DO NOT BE AFRAID! Confidence in WHO YOU ARE is everything! BE YOU TO THE FULLEST! That is the most beautiful thing you can do!” 

Balancing the demands of running a business while maintaining a healthy lifestyle, nurturing family relationships, and fostering a happy marriage can be challenging. Brooke provides valuable insights on this, stating, “There is no such thing as balance! BEING SELF-AWARE and OVERLY communicating to all things important to you is the most important way to be successful in all areas! Do not let your emotions run your calendar. Develop discipline and habits around your calendar to make sure you schedule in the most important things in your life with your family and health first and the rest will fall into the other spaces!” Her practical advice emphasizes the importance of prioritizing what truly matters first and foremost.

Being a person of influence is a responsibility Brooke takes seriously. She shares, “I believe we all have the ability to influence and impact others! Every single thing I CHOOSE to consume (what I read, watch and who I surround myself with) matters! It is what I will speak out and how I will LIVE. This is my biggest responsibility for what and who I am called to impact!”

Her company, Live Out Loud, is not just about being louder but about speaking out loud the promises within and taking responsibility to live them out. In Brooke’s heart, she desires to convey the message that every woman’s voice is essential. She passionately states, “I want every woman to know how important her voice is! I want every woman to BE AWAKE and ACTIVATED to their highest calling and REALIZE how impactful they are in this world!” Her mission is to empower women to embrace their uniqueness and recognize their capacity to create a significant impact.

Brooke Thomas is an inspiring entrepreneur and mentor, guiding women to live out loud with God, while creating success on their own terms. Through her coaching, motivational speaking, and social platforms, she continues to empower women to embrace their full potential, make a difference, and leave their mark on the world.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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