Jesus Over Everything: The Beauty of Finding Purpose In The Middle of The Mess

Elyse Murphy is a writer, speaker, and influencer committed to using her platform to have authentic conversations and help women shake off the shame and step into their God-given light. Her candid and relatable approach encourages women to embrace their messy lives and find purpose in the midst of it all. 

She has a unique ability to break down spiritual truths in simple and relatable ways, making them comprehendible to a broad audience. Elyse has authored devotionals such as “For God So Loved” and “Into The New.” Her latest endeavor is the release of her 10-day devotional titled “Jesus Over Everything.” Her connection with readers goes beyond just writing the books. She is deeply invested in a community of women called ClubDevotion, where she writes monthly devotionals, conducts coaching sessions, and facilitates discussions on faith, life, and relationships. 

ClubDevotion was co-founded by Elyse and her best friend, Katy Knox. They created this platform because they couldn’t find a place where biblical faith and best friends meet. From this concept, they’ve developed a global community of women dedicated to living a lifestyle of devotion in the word; through this, they connect on regular meetings, monthly devotionals written by Elyse, weekly live coaching calls, daily voice prompts, and more. It’s not just a club; it’s a movement of women ready to find their footing and use their voices, just as God intended.

Throughout her journey, she has encountered challenges that have shaped her perspective and fueled her desire to help others. “Because the enemy has stolen too much from me for me to remain silent while he goes after other people. And I know this… I didn’t go through the fires of divorce, shame, crippling comparison, and religious idolatry just to make it out alive. I went through them so that I could go back and rescue others still in them,” she explains.

Her passion for helping women get unstuck, shake off shame, and go deeper with God has also expanded into faith-based media. She is the co-producer and host of “On A Lighter Note” with Lightworkers, where she collaborates with media outlets to create content that offers hope and fosters honest conversations about faith, health, and relationships. Her mission is to help people find their voice, shake off shame, and step into their calling because she believes stories are not just for people who went through them but for others who need to hear them.

She firmly believes that no one is too broken or messy to be used by God. “Shame is a liar, and it doesn’t get the final say. Not in my story, not in your story, not in anyone’s story… not if we don’t let it,” she asserts. 

Elyse draws inspiration from the words of Beth Moore: “I’ve seen a pattern. God calls people, gives them vision, starts them on their way and just when it’s looking good, humbles and crumbles them. After the divine humbling and crumbling, the “called” is sure they have blown it and it’s over. They don’t realize that only now are they ready to serve.”

She encourages women to embrace their flaws and imperfections, realizing that it is in their weaknesses that God’s strength is made perfect. “Just because you’re messy doesn’t mean you’ve missed it,” Elyse affirms. She wasted years trying to hide her mess and project an image of having it all together. However, she discovered that people were drawn to her authenticity rather than her perfection.

Elyse’s message resonates with her audience, and she reflects on her journey with gratitude and a desire to empower others. Thinking back to what she would have told her younger self, she shares, “Your ‘Elyse-ness’ is your superpower… don’t you dare let anyone tell you it’s not.”

She believes that everyone can be a leader when it comes to influence. “I really do believe that we are all leaders,” she states. She emphasizes the importance of using one’s influence to make a positive impact, no matter the scale. Elyse sees her influence and platform as an opportunity to disciple people into a deeper, more authentic relationship with Jesus.

As she continues to inspire and challenge others in their faith, she remains focused on her ultimate purpose. “The command to make disciples doesn’t change, no matter what our ‘go’ looks like,” she says. While her methods may evolve, her objective remains constant—to lead and influence people to become disciples of Jesus. In her own words, Elyse sums up her journey and her passion: “I’m just doing ‘go’ and loving Jesus and life while I do it!”

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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