Jade Phou is revolutionizing the fashion industry by combining style and functionality in her innovative rompers. Inspired by her background in burlesque and a desire to address a common challenge faced by women, Jade embarked on a mission to create rompers that provide easy restroom access. Her passion for empowering women and commitment to innovation have shaped her line, Jaded, into a brand that inspires confidence, convenience, and empowerment among women.


Jade’s journey began when she immersed herself in the burlesque community, where she connected with women and performers in Southern California. This experience not only taught her fashion hacks and ideas but also exposed her to the pain points faced by women in their daily lives. Motivated by her love for dance and a desire to merge her passion with fashion, Jade created Jaded to reintroduce a more desirable and efficient romper-wearing experience.

Jaded offers a collection of rompers tailored to diverse occasions, including business professional attire, everyday wear, and lounge/activewear. Jade’s rompers provide practical solutions while maintaining style and comfort. As she states, “Through something as simple as my innovative romper designs, I aim to empower women by giving them something that makes them look and feel good, but also caters to their needs.”

She firmly believes in the power of women supporting and uplifting each other, as she quotes, “Empowered women empower women.” This philosophy is at the core of her brand, creating a community where women can embrace their individuality and build connections. By offering practical solutions and inspiring confidence, Jaded extends beyond fashion to empower women in their everyday lives.


Jade has learned the importance of adaptability and continuous improvement throughout her journey. By staying attuned to changing market trends and seeking feedback from customers, she refines her romper designs to enhance the overall user experience. Jade believes that embracing innovation and striving for improvement are vital for long-term success in any industry.


Reflecting on her experiences, Jade shares advice she would give to her younger self, emphasizing the importance of facing challenges with love and grace. She encourages taking risks, as she believes that even in the face of uncertainty, everything will work out. Jade inspires her younger self to embrace failures as stepping stones to success and to trust in the process of self-discovery and personal growth.


To Jade, being a person of influence means positively connecting, impacting, and inspiring others worldwide. Through her romper brand and platforms, she aims to be a relatable role model for women. Jade encourages women to embrace their individuality and pursue their passions fearlessly. While focused on creating innovation, Jade is excited by her vision for future collaborations, envisioning partnerships with like-minded individuals and companies to expand her reach and impact. 

Her personal journey, passion to support women, and commitment to continuous improvement have shaped Jaded into a platform that extends beyond fashion. With upcoming collaborations and a dedication to empowering women through stylish and functional designs, Jade’s influence will continue to leave a lasting impact.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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