Igniting Dreams Through Living A Life of Authenticity

Jenna Kutcher, the celebrated entrepreneur, NY Times best-selling author, and podcaster, has left an indelible mark on the digital world with her captivating storytelling and business insight. As a multi-hyphenated powerhouse, she empowers countless individuals to pursue their dreams and wholeheartedly embrace their passions. With her authentic voice and invaluable insights, Jenna inspires, educates, and brings laughter to her audience, inviting them into her inspiring world of entrepreneurship.

Reflecting on her journey, Jenna finds inspiration in the quote, “Focus on building a life that feels better than it looks.” She explains, “I think about this so much in a world that eats with its eyes first, how important it is to live a life that feels good to live.”

Jenna has learned many lessons throughout the years that are her guiding principles. She highlights one of the fundamental principles she lives by, “It’s okay to hit the brake and trust that you won’t forget where the gas pedal is. It’s okay to slow down and not stall, to feel content without being complacent, and to define your ‘enough’ point where you’ll rest without guilt. In a world that always pushes you to strive for more, there is so much beauty in finding joy with what you have in the moment you’ve got.”

If given a chance to offer advice to her younger self, Jenna shares, “I’m in the camp of not regretting anything I’ve done because, boy have I learned and evolved as a human. I recognize that I wouldn’t be where I am today, but a lesson that I learned the hard way was learning how to define success for myself. It’s easy to get caught up in what success can look like and find yourself in a moment where you’ve reached a specific goal but find yourself wondering, ‘Is this really it? This feels different than I thought it would.’ I want success to feel like something, not look like something, and it’s a lesson I learn and relearn often.”

When asked about her upcoming developments or projects, Jenna enthusiastically shared, “For over five years, I’ve talked about the power of growing an email list for business owners! I talked about it when no one would listen and have consistently spoken about the power of email marketing. There is so much power in your email list and reaching people in their inbox through serving them content they will love! Sounds nerdy, but I just created a brand new course on email list building for entrepreneurs, and I can’t wait to help people serve at a higher level and get a better return on investment for their time!”

Regarding her influence and the impact of her platforms on her followers, she expresses, “I have always operated from the camp of if I have one follower, I am an influencer. I want to show up, share my life, and make a difference, not through being perfect but by being a human. I believe we all have influence in different ways and with different audiences, and while I show up for millions online, my favorite thing is being an influencer of two – my children.”

Jenna Kutcher‘s impact on the digital world is undeniable. Her authentic approach to storytelling, combined with her valuable insights, has inspired countless individuals to pursue their passions and redefine success. With her empowering quotes and genuine influence, her journey continues to inspire and uplift those who follow and admire her authenticity.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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