Kate Mansi, known for her role as Abigail Deveraux on the popular series “Days of our Lives,” has recently captivated audiences with her portrayal of Hunter Clarkman in the Amazon Freevee series “Casa Grande.” This gritty and complex character showcases Mansi’s versatility as an actress. Reflecting on her experience, Mansi shares, “Hunter Clarkman is my favorite character to date. She’s gritty and raw and complex in a way I haven’t portrayed before in my work. I loved working on it and even more so, love hearing from fans about how empowered they feel by her.”

Mansi’s dedication to her craft and her ability to bring her characters to life is evident in the impact she has on those around her. During the filming of “Casa Grande,” Mansi inspired one of the wardrobe team members to make a bold change. She recalls, “I remember on my last day shooting back in 2020 – one of our wardrobe women came up to me pointing at her freshly cut, blunt bangs and said she was inspired watching Hunter during shooting and wanted to get her same haircut as a reminder to ‘be a badass.’ Such a special way to cap off that project. I’ll never forget that.”

In her journey as an actress, Mansi has learned valuable lessons about self-belief and staying true to oneself. She shares the wisdom of poet Emily Dickinson, saying, “If your nerve deny you, go above your nerve.” Mansi emphasizes the importance of self-awareness and self-acceptance, stating, “Know yourself first. Truly put in the time and work – if you start from there, it’ll always be a win-win.” She also advises taking moments of stillness when faced with uncertainty. “And when you don’t know what to do, do nothing,” Mansi suggests.

Early in her career, Mansi faced insecurities stemming from the belief that she was “behind” others due to not attending traditional acting school. However, she eventually realized that success is not defined by a specific educational background. Mansi recalls, “I could’ve saved myself a lot of angst by simply not buying into that narrative when I got my first acting job right out of graduating with a PR degree from Pepperdine University.”

Throughout her journey, Mansi has been fortunate to have strong women in her life who have supported and guided her. She expresses her gratitude for their influence, sharing, “I’ve been blessed with some incredible female role models in my life personally and in my career – they’ve guided me by example and with their friendship, and I never take that for granted.” Mansi understands the importance of mentorship and strives to pay it forward, reaching out to her mentors and thanking them for their impact on her life.

As Kate Mansi continues to make strides in making her mark in the entertainment industry, her dedication to her craft, and her appreciation for the support she has received are qualities that will undoubtedly continue to help shape her career and inspire others.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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