From Homeless to Thriving: A Journey of Resilience

Lia Valencia Key, the creator of VALENCIA KEY JEWELRY designs, is an incredible example of resilience and the power of belief. Growing up in an impoverished neighborhood in Philadelphia, Lia faced many challenges, including living in a homeless shelter with her family. However, her mother’s words, “Your predicament does not determine your destiny,” became a guiding light for Lia.

Driven by a determination to break free from poverty, Lia pursued education and achieved remarkable milestones, obtaining degrees in Business and Education and becoming a licensed Cosmetology Instructor. Her passion for beauty and creativity led her to become a Global Hair & Makeup Artist, and she even received a United States Patent.

But Lia’s journey didn’t stop there. She followed her inner voice and launched VALENCIA KEY JEWELRY, a line that symbolizes the power of belief and the possibility of achieving anything. Through sheer determination, Lia introduced her jewelry on QVC, reaching millions of viewers around the world.

The success of VALENCIA KEY JEWELRY soared, earning recognition from renowned figures and platforms. Oprah Magazine featured Lia’s creations in their 2020 Favorite Things Issue, and she spoke at Jamie Kern Lima’s BECOMING UNSTOPPABLE event alongside inspiring individuals such as Robin Roberts, Tony Robbins, and more. Additionally, VALENCIA KEY was featured on the national network show, Startup, airing on PBS.

Lia’s journey is not just about personal achievements; it’s about giving back and inspiring others. She donates and educates women in homeless shelters, teaching them how to rise above challenging environments. Lia’s life is a testament to the idea that choosing joy, believing in oneself, and radiating light can transform lives. She constantly encourages others, saying, “If I can, you definitely can.”

For Lia, her business is more than just a venture—it’s a passion. She creates jewelry, handbags, and accessories that serve as reminders for individuals to seek and become light, joy, love, peace, and gratitude. Her pieces offer wearers a tangible way to “check-in” with themselves, refocus, and reset their mindset.

The name “VALENCIA KEY” carries deep significance for Lia. It represents strength, bravery, and courage–the qualities she wants to help others unlock within themselves. Lia infuses love, care, and positive intention into every aspect of her business, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. She believes that when these elements are present, consumers can feel the intention of love radiating through the products, making a life-changing impact.

Looking back, if Lia could speak to her younger self, she would encourage her to embrace her energetic joy as a superpower and radiate light into the world. She believes this would have empowered her earlier in life, instilling the confidence to overcome any obstacle.

As a person of influence, Lia strives to create trust, affect change, and make a positive impact. Through her platforms and successes, she aims to inspire and uplift every heart connected to her, reminding them that all things are possible. Leading by example, Lia spreads light wherever she goes.

In the future, Lia is excited about several projects. She will be a keynote speaker at various events, allowing her to passionately share the message of radiating light. She is also focused on empowering women in impoverished African villages through VALENCIA KEY’s beaded handbags, providing income and opportunities. Collaborative partnerships with esteemed companies and influential leaders will further spread the impactful message of positivity and intention.

Lia Valencia Key’s journey from homelessness to inspiring others through her creations is a testament to the power of belief and the ability to radiate light in the face of adversity. Her story serves as a reminder that our circumstances do not define us and that we all have the power to unlock our strength, bravery, and light. With her company, Lia continues to inspire and uplift individuals, reminding them that all things are possible when rooted in joy, belief, and the power of choosing light.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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