Marlene Brehm possesses a feminine power that is undeniable, and she is also leading the way in technology alongside her husband, Sean Brehm, as few women in history have. From their company CrowdPoint’s ethical data collection to philanthropy, she is a role model of entrepreneurship, brilliance, kindness and fierce ambition. Harmonious Humanity, her newly created nonprofit, is helping change the way nonprofits are utilized to help bring awareness to those in need. “Our focus is anything that is child-related, from human trafficking, to protecting kids’ eyes online, to even welfare, food and clean water,” she states.  

Her motive was created out of the concept of sharing harmony in the nonprofit space. Brehm explains, “It comes from bringing many unique organizations and having them create something beautiful together. We can work in different directions, but we will work with existing charities and foundations initially. If you think of a wheel, we’re at the center of it.” 

She is not only giving metaphorical birth to an empire, she does it with the glow of a woman who is also giving birth to her first child in 2021. How she does it all is the story of the modern woman.


Marlene Brehm: I think about how we can look at each day and think, “How can I bring value today?” You don’t have to be the boss. You could be a janitor and you’re still the most valuable player because that janitor brings light to the school by encouraging people with a smile. I think that we can bring light into someone’s day, even if it’s something as small as a smile; people need that right now more than ever. 

I also think it really comes down to perspective. We can live in victim mode, and that’s really not fun for us or for anybody around us; or we can adopt the mindset of a champion. This is a great exercise. When you look at your list, ask yourself, “What do I need to become in order to be who I want to be?” What if you just think about what the attributes [are] of someone that is effective and ask yourself, “How many of those do I have?” It’s a hard exercise to do, but it’s a good start. Then at the end of the list, you will get a feel for, “How many of these reflect you, and what do you need to work on.”


Marlene Brehm: Our mission statement for CrowdPoint is to unite AI (artificial intelligence) and blockchain technologies to democratize big data in order to defend and deliver dividends to you and for your human identity. 

Now, let me break that down. People hear blockchain and I think they confuse it with bitcoin or cryptocurrency. They may not really understand it, because they’re new words. In the 1990s, people were unfamiliar with words like modem, router, wi-fi and web browser. They thought no one was ever going to use that. 

Looking back on what happened in the 1990s, we truly believe that is what’s happening with blockchain. This could be bigger than what happened back then with the internet. So how do we make sure that there is a crawl, walk, run strategy to help people understand the technology and feel like they can get a piece of it? That’s something that our company is very passionate about.

So what if we created – on the blockchain – the ability where every time you clicked and you bought something you got paid for that purchase because it was based on your data, which you should be getting paid on because it’s yours? That’s what we’re doing. We’re actually paying you for your own data. If we forecast, you’re going to click on it and you buy it. We’ve forecasted based on your past buying experiences and your unique data. Therefore, you should get paid for it. When we receive our commission from the companies we work with, we split that commission with you.

We create a blockchain wallet for you and we back it with silver so that you can now get paid for your own decision making, because it’s your data. That’s what we mean when we say our mission statement to defend and deliver dividends to you.

We want our entrepreneurs to leverage the power of Wall Street technologies to reach customers on Main Street. We want them to have the same ability and the same technology that these huge Wall Street companies have, as mid-size or even small companies. Someone that has a great product now has the ability to have Wall Street technology while accessing Main Street (consumers)


Marlene Brehm: There are two ways to build the tallest building. You can either knock all the other buildings down and then you have the tallest building. Or you build the tallest building without having to knock others down. Anytime we’re approaching things, [ask] “Do I have to knock things down in order to have that influence? Or can I just have it because I’ve been that person that has worked on possessing all these different attributes to be this person of influence?”

Interview By Tricia Love Vargas
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