Self-taught photographer Moldilox went from shooting outdoor landscapes to editorial shoots with L.A. STYLE Magazine, capturing celebrity cover stars like Vivica A. Fox, Massy Arias, Pia Toscano, and Elena Cardone. He shot his first model in 2018, and three months later was working at Paris Fashion Week.  

A multifaceted artist, Moldilox draws inspiration from spirituality, nature and indigenous symbolism. He found himself through an unlikely series of events and hopes to inspire others to discover themselves through art and photography as he did. Originally taunted for his blond hair and feminine demeanor, he took the nickname, Moldilox, given to him by his schoolyard bullies and transformed it into a successful career and creative persona. He shares “my name represents being able to transmute the negative energy from the difficulties of life into a healing journey. I think that little boy that hides in the back still exists in me.”


Moldilox: My parents are originally from Mexico. My mother moved to the U.S. and I was born here. I was raised by three women, so I was quite feminine. I was a blond, white-looking boy who mostly spoke Spanish, so the bullies in school called me Goldilocks. I also have a mole on my chin, so Goldilocks transformed into Moldilox. 

When I was 25, I went through a really difficult breakup. I lost everything. So I went to the mountains with my camera and just hid in nature. And one day, I took a picture of three trees. I thought that “this is the trinity of life.” I remembered Goldilocks, and I felt like that little boy who was trying to hide from everyone. So I made a profile on Instagram called “Moldilox” and posted that picture of “The Trinity”. I started to get to know myself through photography. 

I decided that I wanted to help artists, athletes, Latinos and the LGBTQ community. I went to multiple nonprofit organizations and events. This is how I met Dan, an older gentleman from Chicago, who told me to read An Artist’s Diary. This is what inspired me to continue doing photography. 


Moldilox: I’m instinctual. I try to do all the thinking ahead of time, so once I get onto a set, I can be in the moment. I sometimes get caught in my mind and won’t explore what potential there is in front of me. My first shoot was for a model who needed pictures for an agency. That experience changed everything because it gave me the opportunity to shoot for Paris Fashion Week. 


Moldilox: My favorite shot is “The Trinity” image, because that was the moment when I found my calling. I was getting into symbology and learning about the trinity of life. We also talk about the trinity in Christianity, so it was my way of connecting to my spirituality. I also like the Raven shoot. It was inspired by a myth of a Raven from a Western Indigenous tribe that teaches its people that if you’re going through one of the darkest moments of your life, you can fly to where the light comes in. 

L.A. STYLE Magazine Cover Featuring Elena Cardone
Photographed by Moldilox
L.A. STYLE Magazine Cover Featuring Pia Toscano
Photographed by Moldilox
L.A. STYLE Magazine Cover Featuring Massy Arias
Photographed by Moldilox
L.A. STYLE Magazine Cover Featuring Lili Bosse
Photographed by Moldilox
L.A. STYLE Magazine Cover Featuring Vivica Fox
Photographed by Moldilox
Rutina Wesley Photographed by Moldilox
Dawn-Lyen Gardner Photographed by Moldilox
Kofi Siriboe Photographed by Moldilox
Danelle Delgado Photographed by Moldilox
Interview by Tricia Love Vargas
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