Moms Rising: Empowering Mothers Through Film and Social Change

In a world where motherhood is often undervalued and underrepresented, “Moms Rising” aims to empower mothers from diverse backgrounds by sharing their stories through film. Produced by Andrew Graham and directed by Scott Cervine, this transformative project has the potential to change lives and challenge societal norms. With its thought-provoking narrative and compelling storytelling, “Moms Rising” is a powerful catalyst for dialogue and success in business.

In the pursuit of understanding the diverse roles of mothers in society, “Moms Rising” presents a compelling portrayal of their challenges, sacrifices, and unwavering determination in their journey toward achievement. By highlighting the inspiring stories of accomplished mompreneurs such as Kathleen Cameron, a visionary leader, author, and chief wealth creator, and Kaelin Poulin, a Co-Founder of LadyBoss Weight Loss and a bestselling author, viewers are motivated to embrace their example and embark on similar paths.

At its core, “Moms Rising” is a mission-driven project dedicated to empowering mothers. By sharing their stories, the film equips mothers with the tools they need to succeed, challenging stereotypes and advocating for their advancement in business. The project also recognizes the power of storytelling to inspire social change and create a space for dialogue and action.

Beyond the screen, “Moms Rising” actively supports Moms for America and Moms for America Action, organizations founded by Kimberly Fletcher. The project extends its impact through community engagement, including an upcoming conference in Los Angeles, where mothers can learn tools to manifest their best lives.

As the “Moms Rising” movement progresses, its goal is to serve as a compelling motivator for societal change. Through illuminating the varied journeys of accomplished mothers in the business realm, the initiative strives to dismantle obstacles, confront prejudices, and foster a world that embraces and uplifts all mothers in an inclusive manner.

Join the “Moms Rising” movement and empower mothers worldwide to manifest their best lives. Through powerful storytelling, community engagement, and commitment to social change, “Moms Rising” redefines societal perceptions and leaves a lasting impact on generations to come.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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