Mobilizing Leaders Through Passion & Purpose: Connected With Nicole

Nicole Vallance, an acclaimed keynote speaker, leadership coach, and organizational consultant, is driven by her passion for mobilizing leaders to fulfill their missions. With endorsements from thought leaders, such as Tim Storey who says: “If you or your company are ready for a power surge and amazing transformation, Nicole is the one to make it happen,” Nicole has gained recognition for her transformative impact on high-profile individuals and organizations worldwide.


For Nicole, a mission statement alone is inadequate. She believes organizations are powered by their mission and that the true essence of success lies in infusing the mission into the hearts and lives of every team member. She emphasizes, “Nothing matters if the mission doesn’t matter.” Nicole’s expertise lies in empowering top industry leaders to mobilize their missions and achieve tangible results. By aligning values, igniting passion, and fostering a deep sense of purpose, she enables leaders to lead with dedication to their calling.


She draws inspiration from legendary figures like Billy Graham, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa, who left an indelible impact on the world. She poses thought-provoking questions, such as what would have happened if these leaders had ignored their callings. She urges leaders to fully embrace their missions, emphasizing, “Why we exist is always connected to who we are called to serve.” Nicole understands that effective leaders not only embody the mission but also cultivate and empower a leadership team to drive results.


Nicole’s own wisdom is reflected in quotes she holds dear. She values Harvey S. Firestone’s insight that, “The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership.” She finds inspiration in John Maxwell’s message, Winning Our World for Christ of venturing beyond traditional spaces to create meaningful change. Nicole also admires the teachings of thought leaders like Peter Drucker, Jim Rohn, Napoleon Hill, Simon Sinek, and Patrick Lencioni, aspiring to embody the “Level 5” leadership described in Jim Collins’ book, “Good to Great.”


Throughout her journey, Nicole has learned a vital lesson about leadership: leaders must have clarity about their roles within their organizations. She believes that leaders should not merely command but demonstrate a sense of direction and purpose. She encourages leaders to declare, “Come with me!” and inspire their teams to mobilize. By embodying the mission daily and having a clear understanding of their purpose, leaders gain momentum, overcome barriers, and drive growth.


Reflecting on her own experiences, Nicole shares advice she would give her younger self. She encourages her younger self to embrace her true identity and stand her ground, even in the face of opposition. Quoting her father, she emphasizes the importance of asserting oneself when one knows they are right, rather than conforming to popular opinion. Nicole challenges the conventional notion of meekness and highlights the power that comes from having a correct estimation of oneself.


To Nicole, being a person of influence means recognizing the responsibility to mobilize others and never shying away from that duty. She believes that she was born to move people and instills the importance of fighting for one’s calling. Nicole draws inspiration from her friend Tim Storey, who emphasizes that setbacks are not a reason to step back but an opportunity for a comeback. As leaders encounter obstacles, they must inspire others with their resilience and tenacity.


Nicole is enthusiastic about her recent project, The Mobilization Model, which she has developed over two decades. Through partnerships with industry leaders and influencers, she passionately mobilizes their missions to create tangible results. Her approach includes cultivating a contagious culture, implementing processes that produce exceptional leaders, and establishing a development-focused Executive Mastermind Leadership Team. She takes pride in coaching leaders on the three essential components of effective meetings, equipping them to drive success.

Nicole Vallance’s journey as a keynote speaker, leadership coach, and organizational consultant showcases her dedication to mobilizing leaders with passion and purpose. By embracing their missions, developing exceptional teams, and fostering a sense of purpose, Nicole guides leaders towards remarkable results and lasting impact.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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