The Hideaway: A Culinary Journey Blending Mexican Flavors and Hollywood Charm

Experience the enchantment of “The Hideaway,” a Mexican steakhouse nestled in Beverly Hills. This extraordinary restaurant boasts a vintage allure, creating a romantic ambiance where culinary delights reign supreme. Its distinctive features, such as booth seating adorned with buttons to summon tequila and impeccable tableside service, have garnered well-deserved attention. Behind the scenes, a team of seasoned industry professionals and renowned Hollywood personalities, including Evan Ross, Ryan Phillippe, Sylvain Bitton, JT Torregiani, David Jarrett, Jeffrey Best and Kenneth Jones, have united their expertise to craft this exceptional dining experience.

At the heart of The Hideaway, you’ll find an exceptional bar and kitchen team composed of talented individuals like Julian Cox, an esteemed bartender, and chefs Alex Moreno and Viet Pham. Drawing inspiration from Best’s cherished memories of trips to Mexico, the menu presents a tantalizing fusion of Mexican and steakhouse influences. Prepare your taste buds for delights such as Hernando’s chic chop salad, the mouthwatering pescado zarandeado featuring grilled branzino and flavorful salsas, and the succulent tomahawk steak accompanied by roasted cipollini onions and chimichurri.

Step into The Hideaway and you’ll be transported to a bygone era, where old-school Baja aesthetics intertwine seamlessly with the glamour of Hollywood. Faded stucco walls adorned with terracotta accents, meticulously designed by Best and business partner Ken Jones, create an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Outside, a stunning custom-made Talavera tile patio awaits, featuring elegant cream wrought-iron tables and a grand fireplace, beckoning patrons to savor their meals al fresco. Inside, archways reveal cozy dining nooks adorned with plush leather booths and vintage movie posters, inviting guests to immerse themselves in a truly immersive dining experience.

Adding a playful touch to the restaurant is the notable feature of tableside buttons beckoning guests to indulge in their preferred tequila selection. This attention to detail exemplifies The Hideaway‘s unwavering commitment to exceptional service and crafting an unforgettable dining experience. As a result, it has become a sought-after destination for food enthusiasts and celebrities alike, with notable figures such as Mario Lopez and Ryan Phillippe occasionally gracing its hallowed halls.

To conclude your extraordinary dining experience, The Hideaway presents an array of delectable desserts. From the tequila-infused flan, elevating a traditional treat to new heights, to the indulgent Chocolate Cake filled with candied wild cherries, each sweet temptation offers the perfect ending to a truly memorable evening.

Whether you’re a local resident seeking a nostalgic escape or a visitor passing through, The Hideaway beckons you to embark on a culinary journey that seamlessly blends the best of Mexican flavors with the timeless allure of Tinseltown. Prepare to be transported to the sun-drenched coastal towns of Mexico, where culinary excellence intertwines effortlessly with Hollywood charm. The Hideaway stands as an iconic dining establishment in Beverly Hills, ready to indulge your senses and create lasting memories.

This article feature is from our annual special edition issue, the L.A. STYLE Magazine Most Influential of 2023.


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