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Business leaders- the people you choose to work within your business will be one of your most critical decisions. Your employees and strategic partners all play a key role to your business success. Hire and create winning teams to impact:

  • Creativity

  • Diversity

  • Higher Performance

  • Profitability


The people within your organization will be one of your most valuable resources and assets.


They must interact and collaborate to produce exceptional service and products. Below are some leading entrepreneur and business leader strategies to help you design the ideal team.


Business Insider reports that 23% of small businesses fail because they don’t have the right team.


10 Ways to Hire and Create Winning Teams


1. Talent Acquisition to Hire Winning Teams

SHRM defines talent acquisition as identifying the strategies, tactics and processes for identifying and retaining the human resources a company needs. 

As leadership, part of your strategic plan in your company involves figuring out the key roles and talent needed to accomplish your business mission, vision and goals. 

Who will help to get you to where you are going? Who will help you manage and execute projects?

Work backward. Begin by outlining the specific roles and talents (skills) for current and future business.  What specific skills are needed to accomplish business objectives and initiatives?

After determining the roles and talents needed, create appropriate job titles and job descriptions that describe each role’s responsibility. 


2. Create Your Organizational Structure to Create Winning Teams

Determine the organizational structure that works best for your business once you outline the team members you need in your business in Tip #1. The structure of your business affects how you conduct business and how effective and efficient you will be.

An organizational structure is a system that outlines how certain activities are directed in order to achieve goals in your organization.

You can use an organizational chart to outline rules, roles and responsibilities and how information flows between levels of your company.

The organizational structure should align with your business vision and mission. The structure can change over time. However, organizational design impacts your people, infrastructure, process, communications and many other aspects of your business.

Types of organizational structures include hierarchical, flat and holacratic organizations. 


3. Get the Right People in the Right Seat to Create Winning Teams

In his book, Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, Gino Wickman recommends that leaders have the right people in the right seats. Management should ensure personal employee values are aligned with the company’s core values.

EOS emphasizes that when you have the right people you will be able to delegate to capable individuals who share your company’s core values. This is why knowing your Company’s core values and communicating this with the public and your teams will allow you to hire the right people.

The right seats allow for each person in the business to be in the right position. Each person filling a position understands, wants and has the capacity (time, energy, intellect, skills) for that position. 


4. Avoid Overlap and Confusion 

Avoid everyone doing everything. Have clear and distinct roles and responsibilities. Cross-train where needed. If there is some overlap in responsibilities that should be articulated and understood by all parties.

Ensure that the roles, organization, information flow and positions are clearly communicated to your teams. Encourage collaboration and communication and avoid working in silos. 


5. Create Work-Life Balance 

Allow your teams to practice work-life balance. Healthier employees mean a healthier work-life balance. Burnout is a top reason why employees leave their companies. The last thing you want is to lose top talent in your business because work isn’t fairly allocated. Many times one employee takes on too little or too much workload. If an employee leaves or is added, communicate shifts in workload. 

Builtin reports that the cost of losing an employee is around 1.5 to 2 times their salary. It’s a loss of time, money and a huge liability to lose and train new employees. Avoid having auy “revolving door” at your company. 

Ensure your teams have personal time or PTO. Reassess your remote work-from-home policies.


6. Be Resourceful

Being resourceful involves being wise with your time, money and people (your most valuable resources). Strategically plan and learn the 10 best practice tips for great leadership and team.


7. Assess Individual Personalities and Working Styles

Everyone has their own personalities, skill sets and working styles. Management should assess how each member’s working style and skill sets. Then design your teams to optimize performance and results.


8. Establish Onboarding Process, Business Policies, Procedures, and Training

One of the core processes you should have in your business is your onboarding process. When you hire, you are making a first impression on your new employee. Make it a great first impression! Have established onboarding processes from interview to hire to get new team members smoothly on board.

Communicate company expectations and invest in your teams through policies and procedures, employee handbooks and training. 


9. Delegate to Scale

Learn to delegate to your now capable and built team. It shows your team you are able to trust them and have ownership over their work. You empower others. Delegating is an invaluable way to grow and scale your business successfully.


10. Work with Credible Strategic Partners

The smartest thing leaders can do is acknowledge when they need help. Sometimes it’s best to hire outsourced experts.  Consider hiring a strategic partner, such as a consultant or fractional COO to assist you in hiring and designing a winning team.

Learn more entrepreneur and business leader strategies to hire and create winning teams in Striking Business Gold: Build Scale Profit for Success.


Written by Sasha Lalite

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