10X Ladies Mindset Helps Women Persevere Through COVID-19

Considering COVID-19 has taken us all off guard, we went back to the last thing we attended that fired us up to 10X our life with massive action and strategy – the 10X Growth Conference. 

It’s been three months since the first inaugural 10X Ladies event with Elena Cardone, which took place at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. The two-day conference took place immediately after the 10X Growth Conference, a subsidiary of Cardone Enterprises and hosted by Elena and Grant Cardone, which broke records with over 12,000 in attendance. The 10X Ladies event was of equal excellence with this intimate gathering of 500 powerful and ambitious women. Elena’s conference, as described on the 10X Ladies platform, is a conference curated for “The women who want it all.” The lineup of speakers were phenomenal, including: fashion designer Rebeca Minkoff, social media influencer Lisa Morales, digital marketing specialist Shay Rowbotton, athlete & philanthropist Maria Conceicao, top business coaches Danelle Delgado, Gloria Mayfield Banks, and Sabrina Lloyd, as well as SLW Agency CEO Shari Wenk, and Cardone Enterprise’s VP of Organizational Development Natalie Workman and COO Sheri Hamilton.

Elena graced the cover of L.A. STYLE Magazine’s Women In Power in 2019. Within the editorial and interview she is highlighted as the CFO, Chief Family Officer and woman behind the billionaire brand. Women from around the globe gathered together for this conference to hear first hand from the queen herself. The fruits of her labor in both the Grant empire and their family have shown themselves as the result of a 10X Formula. In addition to Elena hosting and speaking throughout the conference, she presented a dynamic selection of highly sought after speakers. Each brought forth unique skills and strategies for attendees to add to their tool-belt.

Elena thanked her 500 attendees of the 10X Ladies Event, and endearingly coined them as her “10X Ladies Founders.” The intimacy of the event allowed for a great opportunity for networking with fellow powerhouses in attendance. We reached out to a handful of event attendees to hear their feedback from the event. What is most profound about these testimonials, is that they were sent in months since the event took place. Despite the time lapse and the national crisis due to COVID-19, these women remain with the 10X Spirit – determined and ambitious game-changers. Their words are a testament to the impact that the event and how profound their takeaways were from the experience!

What are the 10X Ladies saying?

Gloria Mayfield Banks
#1 National Sales Director International Speaker, Entrepreneur, Success Strategist

“To tell you my experience at 10X Ladies Conference was strong and impactful would be an understatement! The energy, vision, and meeting of like minded powerhouse women was like no other. Hearing their stories of personal and business growth was inspiring, motivating, and provided beyond valuable education. Every voice that hit the stage brought it home! Elena poured her heart into this dream. She and her team did an exceptional job!”

Tricia Love Vargas 
L.A. STYLE Magazine Publisher & Creative Director

“Women are most attracted to Elena’s effervescent spirit. She is vibrant and her work drive is contagious. She calls it as it is and doesn’t have time for BS**. She sets her eye on the prize and goes after it! For her it’s clear: family is everything and always first. It’s apparent, she carries a wisdom that guides her steps, and moves things accordingly to keep everyone on the same page. I believe she is the backbone to her family. My biggest personal takeaway is how she speaks to her children with what seems to be eloquence and invites them to partake in a role in the business. For all these reasons women flock to hear her via web and now in-person through the 10X Ladies Conference. They want to learn how she did it and how they can also achieve success for themselves and their families.”

Christine Andreu
L.A. STYLE Magazine Editor In Cheif

“I could not have imagined an event that was as powerful and heart-felt, efficient, and beautifully curated as 10X Ladies! From the invaluable content to inspiring guest speakers to networking opportunities, my mind and heart were filled with brilliant takeaways. It was such a gift to hear such sought after women in one room, with their real-life, applicable lessons and authentic stories. I am already anticipating next year’s conference. What a game-changer!”


Taylor McHenry 
Owner of Kalologie Melrose Medspa and
Tay Design & Consulting

The 10X ladies event was the most inspiring event I have ever attended! It was so powerful to be in a room with so many ladies (and men) from all walks of life and in all industries working to better themselves and their companies. Elena’s lineup of amazing speakers gave me a new perspective on myself and empowered me to think – how am I going to impact the world today, what mark am I going to leave on my employees and my clients!”



Brittany Nerpin
Executive Vice President of Global Business, Ault Life Sciences Inc.

“10X Ladies was an incredible event to network and collaborate with inspiring and impactful women. The strategies that were shared emphasized the importance of staying consistent with my purpose. When Danelle Delgado said, “You cannot remain the same! Change empowers you, we were naturally born to ascend,” the light bulb went off! I realized I need to grow and improve in order to accomplish my mission of funding potential Alzheimer’s treatments. I am here to make a difference, not to be a spectator. I am a 10X lady for life.”



Meagan Ayres
Founder, Modern Day Wife & Project YOU 

@meaganayres @themoderndaywife, @iamprojectyou 

“10X Ladies is the magic of Elena Cardone, her creation is a movement of empowering and inspirational women. Elena curated an incredible event, and I believe she chose the best ladies to speak on the 10X Ladies Stage! The knowledge and power that every speaker shared was straightforward, truthful data that you could really apply to your personal life, relationships and business.  My biggest takeaway was from Gloria Banks, the Confidence Building Expert! She was very straightforward about owning your power, navigating money as a women and building your Queendom. I love when she said “Money matters, you need to stop acting like it doesn’t”. This flipped a switch in me, it’s important to recognize that we live in a world where money is the exchange currency and as women in business we need to recognize the importance of us all being able to make money. I can’t wait to connect with more 10X Ladies at next year’s conference”

Tiffany Armstrong
Founder & CEO, Armstrong Online Self-Defense

“The caliber of the 10X Ladies event is absolutely unmatched! Never have I been to an event where the attendees and the speakers were so genuinely eager to understand how to help support one another in their missions.  The collaboration that was happening amongst these high-value women was so extremely impressive.  We were able to interact directly with the speakers who were so open and excited to connect. My business and impact will never be the same.  For the world, that means millions more lives saved!”


“10X Growth Con + Ladies 10 X gave us an opportunity, in a very intimate setting, to get to know who is up to making an impact and doing so at a 10X Level. Personal interaction  was able to take place with each speaker as they made themselves accessible to those in the event. There was also a level of transparency that is rare in business allowing us to gain a true behind the scenes viewpoint of what makes 10X and the speakers they choose operate in the manner they do. Conversations with those at the event were promoted enabling the success of the event to have a compound effect. Momentum was imminent for all those involved.”


“10X Ladies marks the beginning of a new era for my business. I was inspired by all the multifaceted women at the event and their stories. One of my biggest takeaways was when Gloria Banks spoke about confidence being dynamic. Every time we reach a new level our confidence needs to be re- established. I also loved learning from Lisa Morales, her authentic and fun approach at building a business through social media was inspiring. She spoke about everyone having a story and how we as women get share our story.”

One of the best ways to get through this season is to live in hope and set plans for what we are looking forward to doing after COVID-19 passes. Here’s a great way to be excited for 2021, by registering for the 10x Ladies Event, click here for more information.

Here’s some additional feedback from the 10X Growth Conference:

“The Cardone’s really 10X’d Growth Conference 4. I was blown away by the caliber of Speakers that were promoted for the event –  then they really 10X’d by adding surprise Speakers to the line-up; Usher, John Travolta, Dana White and Floyd Mayweather. If you are looking for the right content, who you should listen too and tools to implement…this is THE conference to be at. I was impacted the most by John Travolta, he shared so many ethical golden nuggets and it changed for me how I approach conversations with others and how to act. He said it best, “Money Comes If You Do The Right Thing”. See you all at 10X Growth Conference 5″ – Meagan Ayres, Founder of Modern Day Wife & Project YOU


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