2024 is All About Europe: From Historic Heartlands to Nature’s Wonders

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For Americans, 2024 is your year to live the scenes you’ve bookmarked in travel magazines. With the dollar stretching further, you can sip on Spanish sangria or sample authentic Belgian chocolate without the sting of exchange rates. Europe’s timeless charm is in full swing, and it’s less about making it to the must-sees and more about the magic in between.

So, consider this your nudge to trade the screen glare for the northern lights or the aroma of a French bakery. Europe in 2024 is not just a destination; it’s the backdrop for the stories you’ll tell for years to come. Ready for the chill of alpine air or the warmth of Mediterranean waves? Check out some of these itineraries and adventures with the specialists of Europe for Americans, JayWay Travel. Europe awaits.

Journey through Albania and North Macedonia
Explore the evolving landscape of Tirana, with its blend of modern and traditional. Wander through UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Gjirokastra and Ohrid, each echoing with age-old tales. Complete your trip with a tranquil boat ride on Lake Ohrid and a walk through Skopje’s historic boulevards.

The Heartbeat of the Balkans
Venture from the lively streets of Belgrade with their energetic folk performances to the mesmerizing cobbled pathways of Kotor. Experience history in Gjirokastra’s fortress and reflect on Ohrid’s pristine waters.

Christmas Wonders in Croatia
Celebrate the festive season amid the historical backdrop of Croatia. Walk through Zagreb’s illuminated streets and feel the Christmas spirit within Dubrovnik’s ancient walls. A visit to Split reveals the majesty of Diocletian’s Palace, adorned with festive decorations.

Paris and the Riviera: A French Affair
Start in Paris, romancing by the Seine and exploring Montmartre’s artist quarters. Then, head south to the French Riviera, where Nice’s azure coastline, the medieval essence of Eze, and the glittering glamour of Cannes await.

Ale and Architecture: Germany and Prague
Discover the cultural essence of Munich, from its historic beer halls to the modern-day marvel of the BMW World. Continue eastward to Prague, walking streets steeped in history, with the scent of Europe’s finest brews in the air.

Poland: Echoes of the Past
Traverse from Gdansk’s maritime allure to the poignant past of Warsaw. Delve deep into WWII history, visiting places like the Stutthof Concentration Camp, but also embrace the nation’s story of rebirth and resilience.

Switzerland: A Symphony of Experiences
The Journey from Lucerne’s serene lakes to Bern’s medieval charm. Marvel at Geneva’s iconic Jet d’Eau, and then find peace in Interlaken or excitement on Zermatt’s ski slopes.

Balkan Beauty: Slovenia & Croatia
Nature’s wonders are evident in Bled’s picturesque lake, Plitvice Lakes’ waterfalls, and the coastal beauty of Rovinj. Explore this region, where stunning landscapes merge with cultural landmarks.

Poland’s Green Canvas
Beyond its cities, Poland offers natural spectacles. From the dunes of Slowinski National Park and the ancient forests of Bialowieza to the towering peaks of Zakopane, witness Poland’s diverse terrain.

Winter Magic in the Baltics & Finland
Experience a winter like no other. The cities of Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn get transformed under a blanket of snow. Finish your journey north in Rovaniemi, where the Northern Lights dance and the magic of Santa Claus Village come alive.


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