25 Rising Photographers Based in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known as the entertainment and media capital of the world. Individuals view it as an inspiration for luxury living, beauty and fashion. While LA celebrates the city’s diversity and culture, this vibrant city thrives on the idea of a high-quality life. Countless celebrities and other famous people populate the area. As many travel to LA to experience this lifestyle, others try to capture it through the art of photography.

Below is a list of 25 Los Angeles based photographers that are quickly on the rise. Their ability to capture Los Angeles’s luxury living, beauty and fashion leads us to believe that these are the next rising stars in the category of Lifestyle and Fashion Photography. 

1. Mark Delong: @markdelongphoto   

Fashion Photographers

Credit: by Mark Delong

2. Cara Robbins: @cararobbins

Credit: Cara Robbins

3. Kim Genevieve: @kim_setlife

Credit: Kim Genevieve

4. Victoria Lora: @vloraphoto

Credit: Victoria Lora

5. Jean-Claude Vorgeack: @jeanclaudephoto

Credit: Jean-Claude Vorgeack

6. Justin Vaseur: @justinvaseur

Credit: Justin Vaseur

7. Chaniel Andran: @chanielandran_photo

Credit: Chaniel Andran

8. Michelle Terris: @mterrisphoto

Credit: Michelle Terris

9. Monica Henriquez: @monica.henriquez

Credit: Monica Henriquez

10. Nicole Spencer: @nicolezpencer

Credit: Nicole Spencer

11. Anastasiya Sazhina: @anastasiya_s_photo

Credit: Anastasiya Sazhina

12. Cindy Romero: @cindygromero

Credit: Cindy Romero

13. Brian Christopher: @brianchristopher__

Credit: Brian Christopher

14. Sarah Shen: @sarahshenphoto

Credit: Sarah Shen

15. Alanna Gilbert: @alannagilbertphoto

Credit: Alanna Gilbert

16. Kimberly Tran: @kimmxtran

Credit: Kimberly Tran

17. Sumanta Muth: @sumantamuth

Credit: Sumanta Muth

18. Mary Escalona: @maryescalonaphoto

Credit: Mary Escalona

19. Shelby Goldstein: @shelbygoldstein

Credit: Shelby Goldstein

20. Kenisha Gill: @kgillphoto

Credit: Kenisha Gill

21. Christiano Hermoso: @christianohermoso

Credit: Christiano Hermoso

22. Breana Otey: @breanaotey

Credit: Breana Otey

23. Natalie Michelle: @bynataliemichelle

Credit: Natalie Michelle

24. Ben Pham: @phamousben

Credit: Ben Pham

25. Emmanuel Akinnitire: @eakinnitire

Credit: Emmanuel Akinnitire

By: Julia Bulat
Featured Image: Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash
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