Los Angeles is replete with restaurants that offer vast selections of choices and extraordinary service. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or an every day sit-down lunch spot, these locations are ones you must visit in the Hollywood area.  

Stout Burgers & Beer 

From a wide variety of artisanal draft to elite burgers, Stout Burgers & Beer turns the local pub into a simple, upscale restaurant to enjoy at any time of the day. Known to have the best burgers in LA, they match their quality of food to their quality of service. Moreover, their menu features salads, vegan and vegetarian options, desserts, wines, beers and more. Along with creative names to distinguish every one of their dishes. Visit their website to find their other locations, to visit one of their events or to host your next event at Stout.

Photo: Stout Burgers & Beer on Facebook

Trejos Tacos

Trejos tacos is owned and operated by Danny Trejo, a movie-star turned entrepreneur. This taco mogul has used the versatility of the taco to make exquisite combinations. Including the cauliflower taco, young jackfruit taco and the mushroom asada taco. Using family recipes to develop dishes that resemble home-cooked meals, they also created meal kits for individuals to take a piece of their restaurant home during the pandemic. Aside from Trejo’s Tacos, their line of restaurants also includes Trejo’s Cantina, and Trejo’s Coffee & Donuts.

Photo: Trejos Tacos on Facebook

Tiago Coffee Bar + Kitchen

Bringing the creative community together, Tiago Coffee Bar + Kitchen is run by local musicians, artists and industry professionals. This crew prides itself on their LGBTQ+ friendly atmosphere and their quality dishes. They make their meals using locally grown, organic ingredients, including beans, to roast their own coffee. Additionally, their fun and open ambiance is perfect for weekday or weekend brunch in the city of Hollywood. 

Photo: Tiago Coffee Bar + Kitchen on Facebook

By Marianna Reyes
Featured Photo: Stout Burgers & Beer on Facebook
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