By Kaleen Luu
Photo: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

Let’s welcome in the new season by sizing up some spring trends in men’s fashion! These are the freshest picks in men’s streetwear that you won’t want to miss. Inspired by spring runway styles and some of the hottest looks in streetwear, here are three trends you need in your closet!



Loose-fitting clothing stays trendy this spring as oversized pieces continue to dominate on the runway. Whether it be flowy trousers or billowy blouses, breathable is the answer! The soft silhouette of this trend makes it an easy and irresistible style to embrace. Oversized options are in abundance as it continues from last season, so let loose! Choose a long trench coat for the windy days and don’t worry about too-tight sizing. No restrictive pants are here; feel free to move your body as you wish.

Photo: Swag Photography on Unsplash



Photo: Judeus Samson on Unsplash

Vibrant pastel is the answer to adding color to your closet this season. These bright and juicy shades are a dreamy resolution to break you out of the winter blues. Pastel makes for a bold statement when paired with a neutral ensemble. If you’re feeling daring, go full vogue and suit up in a complete cheerful pastel outfit! However you choose to incorporate this fashion revelation, there’s no going wrong with a touch of pastel to liven up your day. 



It wouldn’t be spring without the resurgence of floral print! This season welcomes back the fabulous print with a refreshed look as muted botanical designs dominate the runway. Think vintage wallpaper. That’s the look! The classic print is reimagined this spring to be a minimal and luxurious upgrade that seamlessly elevates your wardrobe with a simple touch. Feel your self-esteem bloom by wearing some fashion-forward florals! 

Photo: Jacob Mejicanos on Unsplash

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