Styles Of Pants To Add To Your Spring Wardrobe

The Spring 2021 collections are confidently making a statement in the pants department. From baggy styles to pattern arrangements, outfits this spring are undoubtedly all about the pants. 

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If you’re not ready to ditch the sweatpants just yet, then the baggy trend is for you.

Although the wide-leg roomy feel gives the illusion of sweatpants from the inside, it’s the complete opposite on the outside. Paired suitably, this look can make any outfit appear put together, chic and sophisticated. From neons to neutral, you can style a pair of baggy pants to make it your own style while still being as comfortable as ever. 

The baggy trend has also shifted its way into the denim lookbook. So, swap your skinny jeans for a loose-fitted distressed pair and style them with anything from a graphic tee to a form-fitted blazer. 

Photo: Anubhaw Anand from Pexels


Patterns on Patterns

Patterned pants come and go so often that it is no surprise they’re trending once again. The gingham check pants seem to be a favorite that comes back into play almost every year leading up to the springtime. It’s always best to just stick with a solid on top to keep it simple and free from clashing designs. 

Animal print, two-toned and even customized writing designs are giving solid pants a run for their money. 

Photo: Jeff Denlea from Pexels


Lavish in Leather

In theme with the wider-leg fit, the tight-fitted leather pants have been replaced and baggy leather is making a mark. The imposing thing about this trend is that they can be sported in just about any color and still look flattering. Shades like brown and beige leather are a more popular look in street fashion at the moment. 

If you opt out of wearing real leather, many brands, including Aritzia, produce vegan leather styles.

Photo: Ali Pazani from Pexels

By Alexis Garcia
Featured Photo: Dellon Thomas on Pexels

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