5 Famous Celebrity Women’s Beauty Brands We Are Loving

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These five female icons are using their platform to create beauty brands and wellness companies that are transforming the way people feel everyday.

These women founded unique companies that showcase beneficial products. From clean beauty to organic hair products, they have cracked the code on creating successful beauty and wellness lines. 

  1. Miranda Kerr

Photo: koraorganics on Instagram

Miranda Kerr is a legend with such an impressive career. She was the first Australian Victoria’s Secret supermodel, and she has created clothing and home collection brands. She sprang into the world of fashion at 13 and Kerr grew up well versed in the fashion and makeup world.

In 2007, she began Kora organics hoping to share the organic skincare. As one of the trailblazers of organic skincare, Miranda has created an award-winning and internationally sold skincare company contributing her share to the “clean beauty” industry. Her products give all skin types a chance to have healthy glowing skin. Her products continue to be a staple in many’s skincare routines.

  1. Gwyneth Paltrow 

Photo: goop on Instagram  

The Golden-Globe Award-winning actress, mom, writer and entrepreneur, Gwyenth Paltrow lives her life to the fullest. Her fast-paced life has been filled with opportunities and in 2008 Gwyneth launched the blog goop that shares these experiences and opinions with her following. Goop immediately gained traction and has now grown into a lifestyle brand.

The brand shares curated makeup, fashion and lifestyle products through blog posts, as well as the expansion of goop’s lines of beauty, fashion and wellness. The goop makeup brand shares clean beauty that keeps your skin feeling fresh and healthy throughout the entire day without the extra toxins. Through  continual expansion, goop can now be seen through the Netflix TV Show, “The Goop Lab “and their new The goop Podcast. Leaving us on our toes, we can’t wait to see what’s next for the Goop brand and Gwenyth as she continues to expand her personal brand.

  1. Tracey Ellis Ross

Photo: Patternbeauty on Instagram

The “Black-ish” and “Girlfriend’s” star, Tracee-Ellis Ross has become a fan favorite celebrity for her authentic and hilarious personality that shines through on TV. Throughout her acting career, she has worn her natural hair, showcasing her beautiful curls. For Ross, learning to love her natural hair has been a journey. She wanted to help give other’s products that would allow them to pursue their own journey by embracing their natural hair.

She created Pattern Beauty to develop products that others could use and experiment with on their own natural hair and to provide a tool that gave her a sense of confidence. Throughout her distinctive and diverse product line, her conditioners, shampoos, leave-in masks, tools and styling products, Pattern gives you all the tools you need to love your hair. 

  1. Victoria Beckham

Photo: Victoria Beckham Beauty on Instagram

Whether you know her from her runway walks or as Posh Spice in the Spice Girls, Victoria Beckham is a living icon. Having worked for years in the spotlight, Beckham has used endless beauty products to make it through her busy lifestyle. In 2019, Beckham realized there were still products she felt she was missing from her makeup routine and launched Victoria Beckham Beauty.

She has produced a line that compliments people’s lifestyles and works to empower people to feel their best. With her signature, Smokey Eye Brick, Satin Kajal Liner and her new Luxe Lip products she has done just that. We can’t wait to see just how she continues to share her beauty knowledge and expand upon our makeup collection in the future. 

  1. Drew Barrymore 

Photo: FLOWER Beauty on Instagram

Starting her fame at seven in the movie E.T., Drew Barrymore been an award-winning actress and personality through the years. Growing up to have her show, “The Barrymore Show,” the Charlie’s Angel star has navigated the world of fame and has successfully transitioned to the business world. Through her beginning ventures of wine and clothing lines, she has now created Flower Beauty. Its motto is affordable without sacrificing quality, her affordable cosmetics brand has succeeded in her Flower products. While she continues to expand her business ventures, we can’t wait to see this motto translate to other departments. 

Written By Courtney Johnson 
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