By Marianna Poletti Reyes

The mom label used to tie a woman to a household, women were only to cook, clean and care for their children while the male figure provided for the family. However, the new generation has shown otherwise.

Becoming a mother has opened new doors of opportunity for women in the workforce. In raising a family, women develop key business skills needed to open a successful business. Skills such as thinking on their feet, learning new skills quickly, managing money, team communication and negotiation skills.

There is nothing a mom can’t do, and these LA moms are a representation of successful entrepreneurship that is taking over the world. 

Photo: Marten Bjork on Unsplash

L.A. STYLE Magazine 

CEO of L.A. STYLE Media Inc. and L.A. STYLE Magazine Creative Director and Publisher, Tricia Love Vargas is a force to be reckoned with. Her creative vision and expertise have allowed a powerful and new type of media to emerge. The luxury lifestyle media company emphasizes inspiration, fashion and business. Tricia is taking the lead in the industry managing advanced careers while being a mom and using the skills she’s learned and those of motherhood to become unstoppable.

Mom Entrepreneurs
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The Honest Company

Jessica Alba is the owner of The Honest Company. They create simple and safe products that lead to simple solutions. This company makes eco-friendly and non-toxic diapers, formula, bath and body care, cleaning supplies, vitamins and gifts. Honest was created from the inability to have to choose between what works for you and what’s good for you.

The Giving Keys 

Owned by Actress Caitlin Crosby, The Giving Keys is a pay it forward company that hand stamps repurposed keys with inspirational words on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and keychains. The company also employs Los Angeles community members coming out of homelessness. 

Tru Supplements 

Health coach, motivational speaker and mother, Massy Arias is inspiring people all over the world with her fitness programs and influential platform that has 2.7 million followers. Massy used exercise to cure her depression and openly shares online how fitness saved her life. This new mom is opening doors for women in the health and fitness industry while raising her young daughter. Sharing expert advice in both english and spanish, Massy has helped thousands of women transform their bodies and their lives. 

Little Play Society

Covid-19 impacted Little Play Society and had to close. However, LaTanya and Teree owners of the company continued to push the business forward. Little Play Society has a commitment to create a safe playspace for kids to learn, explore and grow. Due to the physical location closing, the business continues through play equipment rentals, parties, and classes at Memorial Park.

Photo: Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash

Prep + Rally

Prep + Rally is a membership subscription service that provides a customizable grocery list and menu to fulfill your family’s needs for the entire week. They also guide you through meal prep by using their own recipes.  It is a company with a mission to create a solution to the constant “What’s for dinner?” stress. Working mom Dini Kelin, owns and operates this company.


HopSkipDrive is a company dedicated to using technology, operational expertise and creative solutions to provide a transportation service that gets children to where they need to be. It was founded by Joana McFarland. HopSkipDrive guarantees rides to school, sports, home, and lessons with tracking in real time without notice days ahead.

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