By Alexis Garcia

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Dress to Exude Power and Confidence

Nothing says inner boss more than outer confidence, and the secret to embracing empowerment starts by showing off outer poise. Whether you’re at an office or working from home, the central belief that anything is achievable can be greatly affected by how you choose to style. Outer confidence encourages us to embrace our creativity and walk with our heads held high.

Of the 500 largest corporations in the United States, 7.4% are led by women, though the list is continually growing. Women are continuously making a statement and exuding confidence in the workplace, and the boss babe ambiance is flourishing by the day. 

Sartorial confidence can vary from person to person, but when you feel satisfied with what you look like, you’ll be influenced to be confident with your inner self too. Suddenly, your inner boss babe commences.

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Unsure how to liven up your exterior empowerment? Here are five looks that will make you feel unstoppable.  

The Men’s Section Isn’t the Only Place to Find a Suit

For good reason, the sales of women’s suits have increased tremendously over the past year. This sophisticated look has become a closet staple and a cocktail dress alternative that is certain to turn heads in any setting. Patterned or solid, bright or neutral, the representation of female empowerment in any suit is a fashion revolution. 

Tower Confidence with High Heels

There is nothing that will make you feel more “on top of the world” than a pair of high heels. From strappy to boot heels, elegant footwear can force you to walk with an elevation of confidence that a flat shoe can’t deliver. 

Photo: Amanda Vick on Unsplash

Feel Chic and Sophisticated in a Pencil Skirt

Flattering any body type, Christian Dior’s 1954 invention of the pencil skirt is a statement piece that will presumably never go out of style. The tight-fitted material emphasizes the natural, beautiful shape of all women and unveils a whole new level of confidence. 

A Sleek Bun or Ponytail 

Sleek hair is a red carpet classic that is all about a smooth and shiny finished look. With this elegant trend, you can make every day feel like your own personal red carpet. 

Bright on the Outside, Bright on the Inside

Bold colors scream bold confidence. Whether it’s a red blazer or vivid yellow pants, bright colors say, “I want to be seen.” If you are sporting bright colors with resilience, your inner boss babe will shine right through and inspire others to do the same.

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