5 Steps Every Millennial Should Consider When Figuring Out Their Journey

1️⃣ Figure out who you want to be

  • Professional (Get a degree, get a job and build a career)
  • CEO (Climb the ranks of a company)
  • Inventor (Invent solutions or better alternatives to a system or a problem)
  • Entrepreneur (Design, launch, and run a business)
  • Sales (Sell a product for commission)
  • Marketing (strategically advertising a company for profits)
  • Network Marketing (Build a sales team to create passive income through overrides)
  • Influencer/YouTuber (Promote a business for profit)

2️⃣ Figure out your WHY 

Once you realize who you want to be, ask yourself Why. Why am I choosing this path? 

(Having a deep and true understanding of your WHY will allow you to get through the tough times within the route you decided take.)

3️⃣ Figure out your identity

Once you’ve identified your why, next you have to change your identity.

 (Embody the person you want to become mentally & emotionally even before obtaining it physically. Transform yourself from the inside out. Don’t wait for the success & accolades to arrive to finally make the change; that never works. Think of someone who wins the lottery for example: they did not have a million dollar identity so their millions quickly disappeared)

4️⃣ Figure out your next 10 moves. 

Step 4 is taking a day to sit down and map out your next 10 moves in detail.

(The more you are clear on your next 10 moves, the more the odds are in your favor. Most people in life have no clue what their next 10 moves are, they maybe know their next 1-2 moves and that causes you to progress slowly or to fall short of your success. Similar to the game of chess: The one who knows the next 10 moves will always beat the player who plays 1 move at a time.)

5️⃣ Take action 

The final step is the most important step yet this is the step where many fail. 

(We’ve all heard the saying we don’t plan to fail, we simply fail to plan. Although that is true, planning without the proper action attached to it will also result in failure.)


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