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Whether you’re looking for the perfect vegan-friendly spot, a cute casual lunch or researching to plan a romantic dinner, we’ve got you covered! Check out these five local LA spots that have some of the best food ever.

Show your loved one you care and support small businesses by trying some delicious vegan options in Los Angeles.

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Shojin – Little Tokyo

Feeling cozy? Check out Shojin for take-out! A Japanese restaurant touting vegan sushi rolls and ramen; Shojin is the no-brainer pick for a special occasion. With two locations in Little Tokyo and Culver City, this place boasts an organic menu that reimagines traditional dishes into new dynamic versions that are vegan friendly. This hotspot is known for its attention to detail. The complete menu is not only vegan but gluten-free, organic and macrobiotic! Allergy-sensitive patrons will be pleased to note that Shojin offers sesame-, garlic-, onion- and soy-free options. 


Plant Food + Wine – Venice

Want to have a traditional romantic night out? Then Plant Food + Wine is the answer. Celebrity chef Matthew Kenney’s upscale restaurant is nestled in beautiful Venice and made to make an impression. Dress up to dazzle, and you’ll surely blow away your date with this visit. The breathtaking decor will compliment your evening attire and the beautifully plated meals make the perfect pairing with the restaurant’s careful selection of organic vegan wines. 


SunCafe – Studio City

If you’re feeling casual and want to plan a picnic in the park, then check out SunCafe! Located down the block from Hollywood, the restaurant’s patio is currently closed, but this charming restaurant offers dairy-free and plant-based options full of rustic appeal. The health-conscious consumer can be confident in SunCafe’s delicious vegan options: from delectable chorizos to creamy cheeses, they’ve got it all. SunCafe offers a hearty array of cuisine that’s sure to make you warm at heart and full in your belly. Opt for a savory pot pie or rich mushroom quinoa risotto, the choice is yours!

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Little Pine – Silver Lake

Want to try something different? Little Pine in Silver Lake is the pioneer of innovative vegan food, with options like watermelon ahi, black bean pupusa and cashew brussels, how quaint! This health-conscious spot is not one to miss, and the restaurant offers Rescue Rosé’s gluten-free and sustainably made California Rosé. For every one bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds is donated to help save animals in need. Now that’s a loving gift! This cozy plant-based sanctuary is perfect for lovers wanting to spend a nice meal together in a soft, romantic setting. Little Pine is currently doing outdoor dining. 


Donatsu – Little Tokyo

Always make room for dessert! Try Little Tokyo’s Donatsu, a vegan donut shop offering unique flavors from “Royal Dragon,” with dragon fruit (pitaya) glaze topped with black sesame and edible orchid to “Samoa,” inspired by the iconic Girl Scout cookie. Plus, there’s no denying that their “Matcha,” with pistachio and rose topping seems to be the perfect date night dessert! This vegan-friendly spot sells their donuts individually for take-out, but also offers a 10% discount if you order a dozen. Why not indulge?

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