6 Restaurants Where The Food Matches The View

Santa Monica, notoriously known for the Santa Monica Pier, has views that anyone would die to have in their backyard. What would you say if you knew that there were a multitude of delicious places that could satiate this want?

Well, with so many restaurants and places for a quick bite it’s not out of the question to pair the two and get a fabulous meal with even better scenery. Take a peak at these 6 places fit for a foodie that have a breathtaking backdrop to your meal.

1. The Penthouse

Photos: The Penthouse on Instagram

Located in the Huntley Hotel this restaurant has glimmering views of the Pacific Ocean and when you’re in the penthouse, you can look as far as the eye can see, unobstructed. Try the tuna with one of their seasonal cocktails and you’ll never want to leave.

2. Water Grill

Photos: Water Grill on Instagram

The Water Grill, known for its raw bar and seafood dishes will give you exactly what you need when looking at the ocean. Despite the sea fare, diners also get sea views and what’s better than jumbo shrimp and lobster while overlooking the sea? I’ll answer that nothing.

3. The Lobster

Photo: The Lobster on Instagram

Now this is a real find. The Lobster, located on Ocean Ave, serves, you guessed it! Lobster with a side of an ocean view. Sit on their patio and soak up some sun while enjoying not only a lobster but one of their plethora of amazing options.

4. 1 Pico

Photo: 1 Pico on Instagram

If you ever find yourself in Shutters On the Beach then 1 Pico is an absolute must. Freshly reopened, this restaurant is essentially on the beach, how could it possibly get better? With amazing food. Every option is fresh and with a glass of wine surrounded by palm trees you will find pure bliss.

5. BOA Steakhouse

Photo: BOA Steakhouse on Instagram /

If you want a delish steak and nothing but palm trees in sight then this steakhouse is definitely up your alley. Located right on Sunset you can catch a glorious sunset that cannot be beat.

6. Meat on Ocean

Photo: Meat on Ocean on Instagram

Meat on Ocean, known for their surf and turf I will tell you does not disappoint. Land or sea there’s something here for everyone. Even if you’re a vegetarian you can still enjoy the superb view and one of their great vegetarian options.

Written by Hannah Ahearn
Featured Image: Luigi Comba


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