A Personalized Clothing Company That Specializes in Creative Expression and Individuality

Fashion isn’t always about the brand. It’s about the comfortability and self-expression you represent while wearing it. At BROdenim, founder Laura Brodigan strives for originality and creativity in her designs. She allows individuals to let their personalities shine through by leaving the design completely up to customers and clients. 

Originally amplified in the sports industry, BROdenim clothing hit big with the fans and families of professional athletes. Priding itself in creativity, it gives individuals a way to support their favorite teams and players by designing their own custom clothing online. BROdenim’s clothing has made its way to multiple Super Bowls, World Series and Stanley Cup championships. The family members of the champions themselves are often seen sporting their designs. 

Photo: BROdenim on Facebook

In a more recent event, family members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Kansas City Chiefs both wore BROdenim at Super Bowl LV. 

After taking flight in the sports industry, BROdenim now has clientele from every which way. People are using the customization of the clothing for more personal life events like baby showers and business advertisements. 

What Are Some Customer Favorites?

The Bodysuit Collection is a fan favorite for bridal parties. A sleek white one-piece with “Bride” written across the front pairs perfectly with matching “bridesmaids” one-pieces for the whole crew. 

Some of the more popular, ready-to-wear collections include The 2021 Playoff Collection, The Gameday Collection, The Wedding Collection and The Embroidery Collection. 

Photo: BROdenim on Facebook

From jean jackets to swimsuits, BROdenim is continuously creating an environment in fashion that allows individuals to feel expressive and comfortable when dressing. Fashion should always be about comfortability and distinctive nature; a message that impassions the BROdenim brand. 

Order Now to Elevate Your Wardrobe

The ordering process is straightforward. At you can either shop from ready-made collections or fill out a series of questions and details to design your own personal (with specific requirements explained on the website) denim, bomber, varsity jackets and so much more. 

If you are overwhelmed with the endless design options online, don’t be worried. You can schedule a consultation to work 1-on-1 with a designer from BROdenim. They will help make your vision come to life!

Photo: BROdenim on Facebook
Written by Alexis Garcia
Featured Photo: Tyler Nix
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