Veganism is a practise of eating which involves switching from the use of animal products to plant-based products. Often, those who are new to veganism or are planning to covert find it challenging to transition into this new way of eating and treating their bodies. 

Going vegan may seem difficult, but not when you learn from experts! Cooks, life-style bloggers and nutritionists from across the world have opened their platforms to educate people about the numerous and proven benefits of veganism on our bodies and on the planet. While they inspire us to live more mindfully, they never fail to show us how utterly delicious vegan food can be! 

These 5 vegan cooks will be your best mentors in veganism:

Pick Up Limes


Sadia Badiei is a Netherlands-based dietitian and the creator of her blog “Pick Up Limes” where she combines her knowledge of and passion for food to create beautiful content. Her channel has gained the attention of over 3.6 million subscribers on YouTube which covers a spectrum of interests such as healthy recipes, health and wellness talks, productivity tips and even plant propagation lessons. It’s quite clear why she is so admired for her expansive knowledge! 

Pick Up Limes follows the motto “Nourish the cells and the soul” which perfectly encompasses the content that Sadia imparts to her followers. From preparing wholesome meals like a hearty creamy butternut squash and sage pasta to satisfying that sweet spot with her ultra fudgy sea salt caramel brownies, Sadia has perfected every dish of the day. Best of all, her channel also offers a “Beginners guide to veganism” video, which is a great way to prepare new vegans. 

Sadia’s channel is an extremely educational and informative platform, which is the perfect start for anyone looking to start their plant-based journey. 

Max La Manna

Photo: Max La Manna on Facebook

Max La Manna is a low-waste chef, award-winning author for his cookbook “More Plants Less Waste,” and the host for BBC Earth food show “Regeneration: Food with Max La Manna.”Over one billion people across all his social media platforms have viewed his vegan recipes!  

With over 970 thousand followers on Instagram, he shares step-by-step zero-waste recipe videos and voices for sustainable cooking and reducing carbon footprint. As La Manna puts it, his recipes “utilise the whole ingredient,” something we don’t do or see in our day-to-day lives. Some of his most creative recipes include his “Seed to Skin Squash Sage Paste,” and “I Have Nothing in My Fridge Stir-Fry.”  

As someone who has been cooking since the age of 15, Max La Manna has a lot to teach us about vegan food. 

Deliciously Ella


Like every new vegan, Ella Mills started off clueless about plant-based eating. After years of her vegan journey, she is now the founder of her company “Deliciously Ella” and the author of six #1 bestselling cookbooks. Deliciously Ella has a family of two million followers on Instagram, where she posts her recipes to remind people that there are “delicious ways to feel better.”

Ella has her own line of products, such as oat bars, caramel cups and frozen desserts. She also runs a vegan restaurant called “Plants by De” with seriously drool-worthy food! By perfectly balancing taste and nutrition, Ella’s recipes are a great fit for any type of taste or diet. What’s more, her cooking skills have impressed Hollywood star Zac Efron whose exact reaction to her dish was “It’s delicious… this would immediately convert me.”

Deliciously Ella shows us that plant-based eating can be as delicious as it is healthy. 

Avant-Garde Vegan

Photo: Avant-Garde Vegan by Gaz Oakley on Facebook

Gaz Oakley is a trained chef, YouTuber and author based from Cardiff, Wales. Ever since he was in school, he has always had a creative and artistic mind, which helped him master his cooking skills from a very young age. 

Today, Oakley has attracted over 600 thousand followers on Instagram and 1.39 million subscribers on YouTube through his channel “Avant-Garde Vegan.” He has also written three vegan cookbooks: “Plants Only Kitchen,” “Vegan 100” and “Vegan Christmas” each specializing in different areas of vegan eating and all with plenty of simple but scrumptious recipes for every occasion. It would be nothing but accurate to say that “Avant-Garde Vegan,” the name itself, and a smart one too, is a spot on reflection of Oakley’s creations with food. 

What allows vegans to get the most unique experience is that “Avant-Garde Vegan”:

  1. Uses and appreciates the gifts of nature: Oakley lives as close to nature as it gets! Reaping all the benefits of countryside living, he grows and uses his own produce in his recipes to get that garden-fresh taste.  
  2. Conducts tours which allow followers and aspiring vegans to interact more personally with Oakley and the idea of becoming vegan.
  3. Has an online shop which sells merchandise ranging from winter jackets to necklaces. 
  4. Brings to life its idea of a restaurant through its “I Will Bring The Food To You” tour which, instead of having people visit the restaurant, brings the food to them by travelling the world.  
Written by Saniya Patel
Featured Photo: Deliciously Ella on Facebook
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