The last year has taught us to cope with different situations. More people focus on mental health, especially being at home all the time. However, being cooped up in a house or apartment will affect each person differently. For many people, going to work, the grocery store or the mall meant getting out and distracting themselves from home troubles. After a year of being quarantined, most people miss going outdoors.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has affected some people’s mental health. The constant pressure of having to remember work schedules, school assignments, and personal appointments has become an everyday routine. 

This routine cycle, however, is an issue that needs to be addressed, specifically with students. Suppose you are taking a full course of classes that could mean up to 15 hours of Zoom classes. If you are working from home, that means being on a computer for four to eight hours a day. 

For some, working from home may be simple, while for others, it is nerve-wracking to think of Monday’s, it can mean getting back into the call-after-call routine. The pressure to excel in life constant. 

Schedule time for yourself 

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People often think that completing work-related tasks, school work and internships must be their priority. The reality is that their mental health is what needs to be their priority. If you really take a moment to break it down, you will soon realize that it is harder to excel in life if you do not address the stressful events in life. 

The focus is to understand that while work may be backed up it will certainly be easier to complete with lower stress levels. So keep on reading for some easy tips to de-stress. 

3 Tips to Keep Your Mental Health Balanced

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1. Breathing exercises

The 4-7-8 breathing technique is an easy strategy that can be done anywhere. To begin this technique, look for a quiet spot, breathe in counting for four seconds, hold your breath for seven and then do a long eight-second exhale.

2. Go for a walk

A short walk can do wonders for your health. This will help get in your steps for the day and get you away from spending so much screen time. 

3. Meditate

Taking five minutes first thing in the morning can help you get your mind and body ready for your day. Meditation can be as simple as sitting straight with shoulders back, chest out and a deep inhale. Then exhale through your mouth. Let your body make that whoosh sound. It sounds silly, but it works. 

By Miriam Frutos Rodriguez
Featured Photo: Elina Sazonova on Pexels

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