Aroma Cigars First Lounge to Use Crypto Currency for Exchange

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By Ramón Rik Singley II

It’s been said that the best way to predict the future is to invent it. Nasiyr Bey is CEO of the Charlotte, North Carolina based Aroma Cigars LLC, DBA Aroma Cigars, Etc. He and Caldwell Cigars Company have partnered for the launch of a tech-driven premium line of cigars for aficionados, purists and beginners to the luxury way of cigar life with a twist.

They are leading the way on the cutting edge of crypto-currency through this industry first. By popularizing what is may be the next biggest thing, they are creating the ability to purchase cigars with cryptocurrency. Using the Pundi X Platform, a payment solution being used by more and more businesses around the world to harness the power of blockchain technology, thus enabling cryptocurrency for in-store purchases. 

Aroma Cigars, Only Venue in the U.S.
to Incorporate Crypto-Currency

Nasiyr informed us his  Aroma Cigars brand and lounge is the only venue in the United States and the first of its kind to incorporate this new and advanced method of currency exchange.  

The primary use of cryptocurrency is for financial transactions. However, digital currency also plays a key role in promoting financial inclusion, overcoming foreign exchange issues, and even mitigating the instability of fiat currency, which gives central banks greater control over the economy because they can control how much money is actually printed. Most modern paper currencies are fiat currencies, including the U.S. Dollar.  

Having the ability to purchase his products via cryptocurrency is something Bey was sure of at the inception of his idea. He wanted to have something new; something different that would stand out from the rest of those in the cigar industry. Stepping out and pushing the envelope was a venture he couldn’t pass up, as he knew this idea of cryptocurrency would draw interest, curiosity and widen his audience. 

Patrons also have the ability to purchase with other cryptocurrencies such as BTC, DAI, ETH, NPXS, XEM, QTUM and BNB, all through the Pundi X platform. 

The Aroma Cigars lounge, Bey’s first established brick and mortar business, is an experiential, ambient environment for both cigar connoisseurs and novices alike. Beer, wine, music and games are also available.  

This latest announcement of 10 Enemies LLC, in line with Aroma Cigar LLC, is a commitment to produce quality premium and top-of-the-line cigar products. In the lounge, they carry cigars from Dominican Republic., Nicaragua, Cameroon, Honduras, America and more. Bey maintains a signature cigar tobacco blend, in tandem with the well-established Caldwell Cigars, to construct and create a unique cigar.  He’s one of the only Black Americans in the industry to link up with a notable pre-established brand in the industry to construct and design a signature one-of-a-kind premium cigar. 

Cutting Edge Technology = Ease of Service

In his industry Bey has goals of further expanding while remaining at the forefront and integrating cutting edge technology for ease of service.  

Bey has already developed a strong foundation and reputation in the industry for providing  quality products and service that attract the elite worldwide. By merging crypto currency into his business model, Bey is projected to exceed 10 figures worldwide in revenues within the next few years. 

Past and Present = Pioneer

Bey considers himself a pioneer of merging two industries together. Bey worked in the music industry with DefJam in NYC, as well as Def Jam South out of Charlotte, spearheading the marketing and promotions department.  When Bey was in Charlotte, he took various Def Jam artists visiting the city on concert and promo tours throughout the city to  radio stations, nightclubs, restaurants and even political gatherings. Being the marketing and promotions go-to guy in the city, he essentially was the center of navigating artists on their paths and providing a tastemaker atmosphere for the teams. He worked with artists on multiple levels, including directing street teams and providing them with strategic placement, marketing schemes and strategies. When artists came to Charlotte, he had everything connected.  

He wants to expand his cigar business by opening 50-100 locations worldwide, including licensing his brand out to people who want to get into the cigar industry. This includes older people who have been retired or out of the workforce for an extended period of time and want to get back into the groove of working. 

Expanding Cigar Industry = New Career Opportunities

With Covid-19 having affected so many lives, he wants to provide an outlet for those affected by the atrocities of the pandemic and who find themselves out of work. Through it all, Bey ultimately has his eyes set on expanding the cigar industry and bridging his aforementioned music industry expertise and work with artists in the contemporary music landscape and help guide new careers.  

Photo: Lightwalker Photography 


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