Bridal Shop Owner & Author Ashley Nadine
On How to Chase Your Dreams

Inspiring, passionate & thoughtful – From business to purpose, powerful lessons from the multi-talented Ashley Nadine!

Ashley Nadine is a bubbly and bold, big-hearted woman from Orange County. She is the type of woman who would make you wonder, “How is it possible that she is always smiling?” She is the owner of the elegant and luminous shop, Ashley Nadine Bridal, and is also an author. In her book, “Pursue Your Startup,” she breaks down the importance of having order to one’s business startup.

LASM: What inspired you to create this beautiful bridal shop?

Ashley Nadine: The dream chased me down. I’ve always loved to style women. I started out as a personal stylist. I worked with “America’s Next Top Model” and at a retail clothing store. From that, I’ve found a passion in making women feel beautiful. A lot of women have insecurities. Knowing that I play a part in helping them come alive – finding their style or certain items that make them feel confident, that inspires me. I also love marriage. I love what it stands for and the commitment to another [person]. It is such a gift to be a part of a bride’s most important day. 

Photo: Breedy “Coco” Gonzalez

LASM: Not only are you a wonderful businesswoman, but you’re also a coach and an author. Can you tell us about your book and the message that you’re sharing?

Ashley Nadine: The book I just launched is a business manual called “Pursue Your Startup.” It’s about creating order in a developing business startup. The book comes with a step-by-step outline to follow as a guide for how to start a business. I did not know where to start or what to do when I started. I didn’t know how to register my name or if my name was even taken already.

This book gives readers insight and awareness about how to create a business plan. Every business needs a business plan, because without vision, people fall to the wayside. The book “Pursue Your Startup” provides a business plan [template] in which readers can write all their answers.

LASM: Who is a hero in your life that you look up to?

Ashley Nadine: My number one hero is from my favorite book, the Bible. There’s a Proverbs 31 Woman who I get inspiration from. She’s industrious, studious, a wise investor and she is into retail and fashion. I aspire to be like her. She inspires me in how she wakes up early, is driven, motivated and takes care of her family. I don’t think today’s society honors these qualities anymore. People may call it old-fashioned, but I feel that it’s beautiful to be faithful and to be married.

It’s beautiful to want to serve your family, your community and to be there for people.

LASM: Where do you find your drive to help so many women?

Ashley Nadine: I find my confidence to help other women because I know what it feels like to be broken, to have no hope and not believe in myself. I have so many moments like that, but I draw to my faith in Jesus. I connect to my Savior and my God in prayer. He is one of the main reasons I have confidence and courage. I just believe in prayer and faith in God. That’s where I get my confidence.

LASM: What do you love about the work that you’re doing?

Ashley Nadine: I love that it doesn’t feel like work. I feel so blessed to be able to help others’ dreams come true.

I believe the biggest fulfillment in life is to serve other people. When I use my gifts and talents to serve others, I feel like I’m here for a reason. I’m not just another number or person. My pain has purpose. I have passion. I have drive. 

LASM: If you could say one thing to a young woman reading about this interview right now, what would you want to say to her?

Ashley Nadine: I would tell her to never lose hope in herself when things feel hopeless. Even when it feels that things are not going how you hoped they would have gone, God always has [something] better right around the corner.

Your dreams chase you. You don’t have to go chasing them.

The right doors will be open. The wrong doors will be shut.

If you allow the process to take its place, you’ll get where you’re destined to be.

LASM: What type of wedding dress is your favorite?

Ashley Nadine: I definitely am a fitted type of girl. I love the mermaid style. My favorite Disney movie is “The Little Mermaid,” so I love the fit and flare at the bottom of dresses. I love a lot of details, like long trains and low-backs. One day, I hope to be wearing one.

LASM: If you could go anywhere in the world right now, where would it be?

Ashley Nadine: I would have to say Bali. I have it on my vision board. I love Bali. There’s a place called the Viceroy, and it has a hanging garden infinity pool. I want to go just to be in a waterfall somewhere.

LASM: Do you gravitate towards elegant and eccentric styles or modern and flashy ones?

Ashley Nadine: A mix of both. I can do both sassy and classy.

LASM: Who is a fashion icon that you look up to?

Ashley Nadine: I would say Tricia Love Vargas [publisher of] from L.A. STYLE Magazine. Every time she comes into the room, I think “Dang girl, I love your top.” I love everything about the way she styles herself and the people she works with. I’m inspired by Tricia.

LASM: What is the first thing that you do in the morning?

Ashley Nadine: I write in my journal, read my devotional, then I read my Bible. That’s just something I do every single morning.

LASM: What is the last thing that you do in the day?

Ashley Nadine: I talk to my daughter. I spend a lot of quality time with my daughter, just talking to her and making sure that she’s okay.

LASM: What is your favorite way to spend your free time?

Ashley Nadine: I love hanging out with my friends and talking about our dreams and our goals. I love being around other goal-driven women who inspire each other. If I have free time, I call a friend.

LASM: What is your favorite childhood toy?

Ashley Nadine: I had a big Barbie house I loved. I was always putting all the cute clothes on the Barbies. I’ve always loved fashion. 

LASM: Where is your happy place?

Ashley Nadine: My happy place is by the beach. When you go to the beach – hear the waves crash and feel the sand – everything drifts away. I tell God, whenever I pass away, I’m going to be like a mermaid. 

LASM: What is your favorite book?

Ashley Nadine: My favorite book is “The Esther Anointing.” It’s about having the bravery and courage to stand up for what you believe in, even if it goes against the grain. It’s about the importance of influencers, encouraging readers to influence their community and their culture with what they truly believe in.

LASM: Who is your favorite author?

Ashley Nadine: My favorite author is Nicole Lapin. She works on Wall Street. She did not come from money, but she had a passion for learning about the world of finance. There’s not a lot of women in the stock market and finance world. She has a book that I love about getting your finances organized. I’ve learned a lot about my credit and credit score from her.

LASM: What is the last book that you read?

Ashley Nadine: It was actually my book. I’m rereading my book to review certain things and see how I can improve it.

LASM: What is your favorite thing about women?

Ashley Nadine: My favorite thing about women is how strong we are. We have the capacity to carry an insane amount of pain and still get up and have drive. 

LASM: What is your favorite thing about yourself?

Ashley Nadine: My favorite thing is that I put others before me. I have a pure heart and walk with integrity. I genuinely want to see other people happy.

Interview by Kristin Hanson 

Featured Photo: Breedy “Coco” Gonzalez
Makeup Artist: Clarissa Gonzalez

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