Aspire to Inspire: 5 Women Beauty & Fashion Founders

When women think of media representation, as a woman of color, you probably think of all the ways that T.V. and the media have lacked in the diverse representation of women that look like you. According to a 2013 Inc Census study, since 2012 there has been a rise of Female Minority CEOs and Founders. From 2015 to 2016 alone, there was an increase of almost 2 million female minority entrepreneurs. Although this has occurred in most recent years, the representation of female minority entrepreneurs should be highlighted and celebrated to inspire the younger generations within each community.

Check out these 5 Female Founded, Fashion, and Beauty brands!

Deepica Mutyala

Photo by Deepica 

In 2015, Founder and CEO, Deepica Mutyala founded LiveTinted with a mission to change beauty standards that were inclusive of women of color when it came to the beauty market. Deepica describes her brand as a “digital community focused on inclusive, and diverse beauty. The community helps shape a storytelling platform focused on underrepresented people in the beauty industry and their journeys with culture and identity.” For more, visit the LiveTinted website at

Priscilla Tsai

Photo by Cocokind

Priscilla Tsai, Founder, and CEO of CocoKind took it upon herself to create a transparent and conscious beauty company inclusive of all. In light of transparency, Cocokind has a page on their website, specifically dedicated to formulation facts, sustainability stats, and plans to remain and improve their carbon footprint. To see more of CocoKind sustainability plan visit: CocoKind: Sustainability.

Uwera Rodriguez

Photo by NOGAMA Jewelry

NOGAMA Jewelry was founded by Uwera Rodriguez with a mission to design elegant, sophisticated, and feminine pieces for every type of woman despite the shape, size, or cultural background. Uwera Rodriguez states that each piece of the fine jewelry “gives women daily reminders that they are more than the many titles they carry and that they can stand in their confidence and power.” For more on NOGAMA’s mission, visit NOGAMA Jewelry: About Us.

Ana Nunez

Photo by overflowcreativestudio

Alarmed by the amount of plastic waste through buying drugstore beauty products, Ana Nunez founded The Vida Bars to create a cleaner and more sustainable alternative. With so many products on the market for textured hair that have too many chemicals, Ana Nunez “made it her mission to create an option that would empower her to love herself and the planet.

Vida means life, and that’s exactly what we aim for. We want to give life to your personal care while giving life to our world by creating a positive impact.” To see more of Ana Nunez’s clean hair products, visit

Raisa Mirza

Photo by Rella Beauty

Raisa Mirza founded Rella Beauty in 2019, with the buy-one give one business model. Mirza’s mission was to help women all around the world feel more confident even if it just came down to mascara or a pop of color on the lips. Rella Beauty has partnered with companies like Dignity Not Despair, Project Glimmer, Dress for success, etc. all with a common mission to uplift women all around the world. For more on Rella Beauty and their partner’s mission, visit

Written by Nicole Galdamez
Featured Image: SHAYAN rti 


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