Sales Bring In Money,
Brand Brings You Legacy


Businesses strive to bring in as many sales as possible month over month. The biggest issue is that they face the same issue that most businesses do not resolve.  

How can a business get sales year over year without the need to constantly look and protect them? 

The answer is brand. Brand is the single item that creates a loyal enough following that will refuse to leave you. If Apple had focused its efforts on only sales, then the moment Steve was no longer around, they would have gone to the next big phone manufacturer. We saw quite the contrary.  

Apple is going stronger than ever and has become a force that is nearly unstoppable. Invest in your brand as Apple did. All hail the mighty Apple. 

Fame and Name Recognition  


Brands that are widely known own these two characteristics. They go hand in hand. The more fame you get, the more your name becomes recognized.  

Think about the Roomba. Do you own one? Most likely not. However, should I ask you about Robotic vacuums, it would be the one to come into your head.  

Since you have heard about it for such a long time, you have associated the brand with trust. Why else would a brand be around for so long if it does not work?  

The lesser known brands may cost less, but will always need to fight the skepticism of the consumer thinking they are here today and gone tomorrow. Get in the public’s eye and do what is needed to stay there.  

Online and Offline Presence  

We are now more than ever coming to a digital age. However, this does not mean that people to not see or call each other offline. In those moments, how are they talking about you or your company?  

There are more companies each day choosing not to purchase materials such as hats, shirts or other promotional materials. The thought is that more, if not all that budget should go to digital ads.  

You are not wrong that people spend a good amount of their time online, but stop to think, what they do with all the time they are not on social media and websites.  

Setting up a plan to be seen everywhere is the main idea. Getting someone to wear and endorse your logo is one of the strongest signs of brand support they can show.  

Stop Chasing The Sale and Establish The Brand  

I’ll leave you with this concept. Let the sales come to you. How good is a company that sells $100,000.00 but cannot do it again automatically the following month?  

How much peace would you have knowing all your sales can be taken if your competitor would come out with something similar? 

Brand will give you a safety net. Now it is time to go out and create your brand and ensure your business will thrive through it all.  

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