Bathing Suits For The Mama That Does It All

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We’re heading into summer. which means it’s time to start thinking about what bathing suits we’re going to WOW with on the beaches of Los Angeles and beyond. It’s time to flaunt it in a bathing suit that is not only durable but unique, classy, and sassy as well. That’s why here at L.A. Style, we’ve taken a liking to She Does Official, a woman-owned, 100 percent USA-made swimsuit brand that does more than hold up in waves or looks sexy on the sand.

Founder and CEO Audrey Waldron created the brand to help women feel inspired and remind them that an empowered lifestyle is achievable. Take a gander at some of the delicious swimsuits, in Waldron’s own words. And then run-don’t walk-to pick up a She Does Official suit of your own!

The Audrey: Our signature suit and one of a kind. It’s the only suit on the market that comes with a detachable hood that is worn similar to a ski mask. The suit has an open back and buckles at the neck for a clean, streamlined look. The Audrey comes in steel and ombre gray that can be worn as a suit at the beach or as a stylish top paired with jeans or a skirt for dinner. She Does is also day to night!

The Authentic:  It’s all about the strings with this one. I wanted to create a string bikini that stood apart from the multitude in the industry. We were able to take a design approach with this bikini that featured longer strings so the user can get creative coming up with their own usages with the ties. It’s a distinctive twist that allows the bikini to be adjustable at every angle. We also designed in a small opening on each side of the top that adds a little edge to the suit. The Authentic allows the wearer to feel as fun, free, and sexy as she desires! 

The Grace: Our classic single piece is designed as a gold overlay mesh suit with a detachable belt to add a little something special to your outdoor pool parties. This suit is full of Grace and stands out in a crowd with slimming lines that contour the body in a traditional and classy way. This suit was inspired by the style icon Grace Jones and is for the woman who is looking for that head-turning iconic piece that makes a statement both in and out of the water. 

The Strength: The asymmetrical cutouts on this suit are sexy on any body type. The design elongates the torso and the uneven lines offer a more slimming appearance. The Strength is also a body suit that pairs well with jeans on a night out. The suit is as comfortable making waves in the ocean with the unique cuts as it is turning heads on a night out. Designed for the sporty in mind and also those who like to draw attention to their hard-earned curves!

The Confidence: This is a classic take on the 90’s high-waisted bikini with buckles and high hip-cut sides. The buckles on the hips help the suit sit high and accentuate the hip area creating a sexy and elongated hip and leg view. The cuts on The Confidence flatter the user by utilizing wider straps, higher cuts, and simple colors. Every time I wear this suit in hot pink or black, people love it!! When I get noticed, I’m quick to tell them it’s not me; it’s the suit!  That’s what this suit does; it makes me feel so confident!


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