By Irina Melkumyan

Have you been blindsided by pain? Did it seem to come out of nowhere and destroy your inner peace or the life you were so comfortable living? If your answer is yes, what if I told you that many of your loved ones have been and still are in that same position.

Pain seems to be most intense when you don’t see it coming, and feels worse when you see that almost everyone around you is going through it too. A virus that has touched nearly every corner of the globe has left millions of lives broken, sick, and jobless. Due to COVID-19, millions of people have lost their jobs, human connections, support systems, and more. 

In the midst of all this, we have been told to stay home and when in public, practice social distancing. For those who live with someone or even on their own, it may be difficult to find peace, create personal time, and go inward. Despite so much uncertainty and pain around us, I promise you that this is the perfect time to find the blessing in the curse.

If you have ever said “I wish I could stay home”, well now is your time. If you ever wished to spend more time with your kids, loved ones, and especially yourself, now is your time. If we can learn to be more intentional with our time, our thoughts, and actions, we can all come out of COVID-19 feeling mentally and physically stronger than ever before. 

You matter. I want to encourage you to really think about those words, what do they mean to you when you read them, and if you were to replace the “you” with “I,” how does it make you feel? 

You matter. Is that something you already know or is it something you are still in the process of learning? When you take time to relearn your worth, to rediscover yourself, everything around you changes. With your heightened awareness to even the smallest thought in your head, you can completely change anything about yourself that you may not like. 

You matter. What if in all this darkness you realized your light? What if you took the time to relearn who you are, what you love, and what inspires you? What if in these tough times, you learned to be strong first for yourself then for those around you? I promise you, from my own personal experience, I know how painful and challenging these times are, but as the saying goes, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” This may be something you already know logically, but can you truly say you practice it intentionally?

You matter. You have been, you are, and you will continue to be the light in the darkness, the skillful sailor, but only if you continue to take intentional time in the midst of chaos to recognize your brilliance. What makes you uniquely you?

I encourage you to take time, and really think about this. If you could spend time daily reflecting on your gifts and take action to deepen them, I promise you no matter how difficult it may seem, you will create and find a blessing in the midst of what may feel like a curse. COVID-19 will not last forever, but your greatness, your uniqueness will. 

ABOUT the author

Irina Melkumyan is an entrepreneur, entertainment banker, breathwork facilitator and writer. Since the age of 6, Irina has used writing as a way to inspire people. Her passion for helping people find goodness in their everyday lives has inspired her to write thought-provoking content with a mission to bring a smile on your face and a good feeling in your heart.


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