Bold Ascension, L.A. Wellness Expo

L.A. Health & Wellness Expo: A Powerful Event that Creates Space for Empowering Messages and Holistic Wellness in every area of the healing journey. 

Pictured left, co-creator Anel Parra & right, co-creator, Cristina Brophy are the fearless leaders behind the Expo.

Photo: Matthew Perez

The Los Angeles Health & Wellness Expo is an event that was created by Anel Parra and Christina Brophy, to bring awareness to the healing journey and all aspects of healthy living. The healing journey can be a very personal one, requiring inner work that is sometimes the most challenging to talk about. However, by creating a safe space where attendees can learn how to bring awareness to their own journey, it allowed attendees to learn more about where they have come from, celebrating those milestones, and then growing from those experiences in a healthy and positive way. Throughout the event, women-owned brands and companies presented their products and services, connecting with attendees in a shopping atmosphere to help with individual growth and support. Services and products in therapy, trauma, physical wellness, mental health, business, financial, spiritual, healthy eating habits, and detoxification were present.

This truly powerful event left attendees in awe from personal impact and hearing of other women’s struggles and how they overcame them to use it as a tool for growth. This dynamic and transformative event brought women of all backgrounds, ages, and experiences together to help raise personal health awareness through a day of panels, guest speakers, and breakout workshop sessions, highlighting their area of expertise and providing practical application for daily living. Just as these experts shared their response to: “If you could give one piece of advice, what would it be?” We thought it would be most appropriate to share them with you too!

Words of Wisdom from Select Speakers

Jessica Guzman, @nutrition_jessicag_  explains: “Be patient with yourself.”

Jennifer Trainer, @runwayredla emphasizes: “Listen to your body.”

Adriana Alejandre, @latinxtherapist explains: “Learn your communication style.”

Simyona Erica, @simyonaerica, inspires us to: “Show yourself some grace and allow God’s grace to be a part of your journey.”

Jessie Medina, @jessiemedinaofficial reminds us to “Surround yourself with the right people.”

Delfina Gonzalez, @soylatinafit  shares “Find your Why.”


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