The Best and ONLY Competitive Edge You’ve Got in A World Full of Lookalikes,
Rip-Offs, Duplicates and Tough Competition.

By Dr. Sam Bakhtiar

Learn more about Dr. Bakhtiar. Refugee turned divorcee on the verge of bankruptcy … to multi-millionaire, champion bodybuilder, author, doctor, and CEO of multiple worldwide brands. Dr. Sam Bakhtiar is an American success story with humble beginnings and a meteoric rise to wealth and influence. As the founder of The Camp Transformation Centers (110+ locations) and the 1%ER Movement, he inspires modern adults and youth to discover their 1% potential and excel in the 5 F’s – Faith, Family, Fitness, Finance, and Fun.

Let’s face it, there are very few things in this life we get to experience that are actually new. When was the first time you tried a burger? What about ice cream? Maybe you were too young to remember, but in those first experiences, they were an invention to you, they were new. Then what happens is we try one thing enough to differentiate between a good experience and a bad experience, we know a good burger from a bad burger, a good shoe from a bad shoe, an easy-to-use software from a hard-to-use software.  

Invention vs. Innovation

This is what we call innovation, taking an old idea, product, or service and improving it to make it more desirable. Over the last century, we’ve seen a few inventions and far more innovations. Cars are well over a hundred years old, yet we’ve seen millions of new styles, technology, and innovations. They’ve gotten faster, more fuel-efficient, more comfortable, and better looking too. Phones share the same example. Over time, they have evolved to the point where they have more function, fewer boundaries, and useful tech and access to information all around the world.  

From cars, phones, planes, food and everything you’ve ever purchased, almost everything we use today has been the innovation of an invention. Innovations have made many men and women a lot of money. New ways of accomplishing the same old things which provide better experiences and loyalty. The topic of today’s conversation, “How do you stand out in a crowded room full of other people offering the same exact thing you do?”  

For example, there are a million and one burger joints, why would someone opt to go to yours over the other 5 down the street? Why would someone buy your online course over someone else’s? Why would someone choose to do business with you over the other guy who offers the same thing? At the end of the day, a phone is still a phone, right? Wrong. Apple and Samsung constantly dominate the phone market even though there are other choices that accomplish the same things, and are quite frankly, more affordably. Now, this is easier said than done in industries where tech doesn’t dominate. 

Here’s My Story: Put People First

Before I ever got my start in the Fitness Industry, first as a personal trainer, and then as co-founder and CEO of a Gym Franchise, I had to answer some tough questions and look at the hard facts. How would I stand out and have clients running to me for help in their fitness goals when there are hundreds of other trainers right down the street who are usually more affordable? Why would someone opt to go to my gym when the membership is more a premium service than a budget service? How do I position myself against my competitors who even offer the same damn things I do?

The answer isn’t as elusive or secretive as you might think. It’s actually a very simple one and it’s smack dab in front of your face. What’s the ONLY difference you ask? In a business where the competition is up to your neck, the only difference is how you treat people. Put People First. When you work hard to develop a relationship with your customer, individual by individual, they begin to bond with you. When you have real and genuine conversations with people and care for their needs before your own, they develop loyalty to you. Loyalty is the key ingredient to building business, brand and following for a lifetime. Take one look at a company like Apple or Tesla, there will be people buying their products and theirs alone till hell freezes over.  

Loyalty doesn’t care about what anyone else has to offer. Could you imagine a marriage without loyalty? Anytime someone “better” or new comes along, your spouse decided to jump ship? That would be a disaster of a marriage. No, you want a loyal spouse, someone who’s with you until the end and would never compromise or even romanticize at the thought of someone else.  

The same should be true of you and your business. A satisfied customer is one that will stick with you until something more exciting comes along. A loyal customer is with you until the end, no matter who else comes along and tries to rain in on your parade. 


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