Christina Brophy And All Women Deserve To Be ‘RAD’

Who is Christina Brophy?

Christina Marie Brophy is a Black and Mexican entrepreneur helping women across the globe. She is motivated by her past experiences to help women around the globe not deal with similar hardships. Brophy is the co-founder of RAD, which is an initiative to increase awareness and distribution of female hygiene products in shelters in the Middle East. She is the founder and president of The Women’s Empowerment Network. 

What is The WE Network?

The Women’s Empowerment Network is focused on creating support groups for women to find professional advice and to have a broader community. The organization helps women who are dealing with domestic violence, cancer, mental health, etc. They have held three expositions in the past few years that have “created a space for a total of 2,000 women.” 

Photo: The Women’s Empowerment Network

The organization is hosting another expo in Los Angeles on January 29th, 2022. It will comprise expert panels, photo ops, and some outstanding performances! It is also a great way for all women to come together and network while learning about the organization’s free resources!

Photo: The Women’s Empowerment Network

What is her impact with RAD?

RAD stands for raising awareness advocating distributing. As mentioned earlier, it is to help bring awareness and distribute hygiene products for women in shelters and refugee camps. The initiative has helped many women in the Middle East and is expected to help many in Mexico. RAD was created by Brophy and her colleagues, Atifa Safi and Leen Alramlawi. 

Written by Brandon Gonzalez
Featured photo: Christina Brophy on Facebook
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