If you don’t do something with life, life will do something with you. 

I’ve met a lot of people with great potential and when I meet them, I’m always reminded that their intuitions and “potential” are always wrapped in a unique backstory that has traveled with them since the day they were born. 

Pharrell Williams knew early on that he was destined to do something that would someday take him to a different dimension. Walt Disney dropped out of high school to pursue his fascination with animation. He knew early on there was “magic” hidden somewhere in what he loved, little did he know that magic would someday lead to a “Magic Kingdom.”

Both Pharrell Williams and Walt Disney faced draw backs and criticism as they pursued their passions but they kept going, going and going. Here’s why. They recognized there was an inner voice speaking to them every day. This inner voice was something they listened to because it energized them, and steered their instincts and drive.

You have an inner voice, too. And it is the cornerstone of your potential.

Somedays that inner voice is loud and clear, and other days it’s faint and unclear. Your ability to hear it and react to it has to do with you and your mindset. I’ve found the best way to hear it is to stop, look, and listen. That’s right, stop – look – and – listen.

If we’re not careful, our busy lives turns us into —  human “doings” rather than human “beings” — which makes it difficult to connect with our inner voice. 

You need to be able to recognize this voice, hear it and cooperate with it. When you do, you will realize a shift is hitting you, inside your spirit will feel it, even while your mind is still sorting it out. You will start to see changes, you will experience new dimensions and things will transform right before you. 

Connecting with your “potential” is essential. It will take you to places and spaces you’ve never been. By doing so, you will see the value of doing something with your life, instead of letting life do something with you.

In Walt Disney’s later life he is quoted saying ”Its fun to do the impossible”; Pharrell Willams now claims, “I am overly ambitious because I realize what I imagine … gets done.”

If you’re worrying, overthinking, or stressing about your future, let me suggest you listen to the inner voice inside of you. It is the catalyst to your “potential” and provides the blueprint that will change you from where you are to where you’re meant to be. 

It’s time you move forward on what’s been incubating in you for years. Sometimes you have to do something you’ve never done before to get someplace you’ve never been before. I assure you it’s real fun when you’re able to start saying to others “Why are you talking about my then, when I’m living in my now?” 

Remember to stop, look, and listen … they are the keys to hearing that inner voice and getting to places and spaces you never dreamed were possible.

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