You have the capacity … it is your willingness that holds you back.  

So many people are living on a prayer and waiting for the world to be right again. Although I also live life in prayer, I believe waiting is not a plan, it’s a disaster.  It is action that gets our prayers answered.  

As a cancer survivor and single mom of three, I wake up differently than most. I feel a sense of “it gets to be me” each day – as not everyone with similar circumstances made it, I will make it count. Yet I watch as millions question if they can actually live their dreams. They may believe in them but moving on them happens occasionally. I exist to ensure every dream is actioned. 

We are born to ascend … that is our nature right from the beginning. In our first year we roll, crawl, walk, then run, we make sounds, learn words, then sentences … we ascend by nature, without even meaning to, we advance. It is who we are. So, why then do we stop?  

Many elements create brakes on our forward motion in life: perhaps believing hurtful opinions from someone we care about, failing at something we worked hard to achieve, letting ourselves down or others. Not living our potential, disappointments are painful. It happens to us all, it emotionalizes into our memory and repeats with every similar loss. That repeat negativity, clouds hope, dreams, and progress. The brain then wonders. Do I believe the dream, the natural inclination to ascend or the reality of the losses that repeat?  

Life is far too valuable to waste. You have the capacity, you were born with it. Now let’s create the plan advance on it. 


First Step: ELIMINATE  

I promise friends, you have another level and it’s found when you embrace the good in you and eliminate the rest. Get rid of the brakes and life will advance. 

I challenge you to make a list today of the things that stop you, hurt you, hold you up, and keep your best from showing up. The habits you allow, don’t want to admit, the people who are not clapping for your wins. Write them down, then cross them off and force them out. Maybe even enroll a trusted friend to hold you accountable to moving on without them.   

EXAMPLE: How I have had to talk to myself on many occasions: “Goodbye to my loser thoughts, hurtful people, assumptions, horrible choices, bad moves …  goodbye doubt, judgment, and anyone who wants to drown me out. Goodbye liars, cheats, and food I shouldn’t eat. Goodbye excuses, hate, resentment that debilitates, fear, and the memories I should no longer recount.” 

When we fail to eliminate, we fail to advance. Today, fix it and call them out. 


What goes in must come out. If greatness fills your mind daily, greatness will come out and vice versa. I encourage every human to learn thirty minutes to one hour every day for personal development and studying your industry. Successful humans of the past just learn on the daily. If we are learning, our mind is opened to possibility and recognizes an opportunity when it lands nearby. Goodness in is goodness out. Easy to do, easy not to.  


One of the greatest habits of my life is being grateful. I started when I found out I had cancer. I’d just focus on writing ten things a day I was grateful for. That pattern led to a best-selling book, I Choose Joy, helping entrepreneurs and humans across the globe focus on the good in their world, the goals they wanted to achieve, and the patterns that would help them live the dream. When you see the good, you do more of it, and when you see more of it, it multiplies. 

What would change in your life if all you saw was good? EVERYTHING.  

Challenges become opportunities; losses are most often protection. When we see it for the good, we can do more of it. And on those occasions when things are going bad, just simply do something good and shift it. After that, the feel good will always carry you through.  

It’s that simple. These three steps can change your life if you let them. From dreaming to doing, from capacity to completion. You are naturally born to ascend, so let us begin to accelerate it.  

Start today.

Then Repeat.

And tag me on social when the goal is complete.  

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