Darinisha Williams
Small Business, Big Determination

Darinisha Williams is the founder & CEO of Think Like Royalty, Incorporated. As a determined and compassionate woman, she shares her perspective on entrepreneurship and the passions that drive her successful small business.

Ruby McAuliffe: What is your perspective on entrepreneurship?

Darinisha Williams: Entrepreneurship to me is a beautiful thing, simply because I see so many people putting their passions and what inspires them into a project or an actual organization where they can help others find themselves. That’s how I see entrepreneurship. It’s someone who’s doing what they love to do, and they’re living out their dreams. That is beautiful and everyone should try entrepreneurship.

Ruby McAuliffe: Where did this passion ignite from?

Darinisha Williams: I did a lot of things at a young age. I went straight to school, straight to college and then I got my master’s degree. I did all of that before I was 30 years old, but I realized I wasn’t as fulfilled as I thought I was going to be. But then I realized, “Hey, I like this about my job, but I might not like this so much about my job. Why not just do what I love to do fully and make it my own?” That’s where it all stemmed from.

Ruby McAuliffe: What is some advice you would give aspiring entrepreneurs?

Darinisha Williams: My advice would be to follow your heart, go with that gut feeling — because that’s something telling you to pursue your dreams. Just because you can’t see the full picture doesn’t mean it’s not worth trying.

I always knew I could start my nonprofit, “Think Like Royalty,” where I want all girls and women to know they are worth every single thing in the world, but there was one small doubt of how it would go. I knew what I wanted, what I wanted it to be, but was everyone else going to see my vision the way I saw it? I struggled with that, but I realized: even though other people may not see it the way I see it doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Just because one person doesn’t see your dreams and desires doesn’t mean another person won’t–so continue to do it.

Ruby McAuliffe: What are your thoughts on the state of our nation when it pertains to the importance of equality?

Darinisha Williams: Representation matters, right? In the pageant world, we are just now seeing so many beautiful queens of color winning, and it’s a beautiful thing. Color is beautiful simply because when you see yourself on stage and you’re able to identify with that person, it makes you want to aspire to do more. It makes you feel as though, “Hey, I could do it, too.” Using the pageant queens as an example, it was so great to see them on stage, because I saw myself and my daughter. I want my daughter to see herself in all different aspects of the world, whether it’s pageantry, whether it’s being an engineer, whether it’s being a lawyer, whether it’s being a teacher, all of those different avenues of life. I want her to see herself in any type of career. So, I believe people of color should be at the forefront. Because like I said, it matters to our children to see themselves so they can aspire to be more and do more.

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