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Designer Robert Mata
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Designer Robert Mata’s exquisite styles have landed him as the Hollywood go-to for A-List clients who want to stand out with his million-dollar look.

He is an Emmy Award-winning costumer. Out of the sets of Hollywood comes a classic, timeless, fresh and new designer. He is a fashion designer and stylist for some of the most successful celebrities in film and television. As a stylist/designer, Mata’s high-end clients include celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson, Dave Rienzi, Will Smith, Armie Hammer, George Lopez, Ben Stiller and Martin Lawrence, to name a few.

How did you get into design? I had lots of on-the-job training. My mother and aunts were all seamstresses, so I was always around wardrobe and fashion. 

Favorite collaboration? Dwayne Johnson was probably one of my favorites. It was the character that we created for “Ballers.” There was no one else who wore bold and loud colors. I looked for the prints and the textures that were outrageous.

Current and future projects? I’m launching my line in 2020. It’s going to be cool; I want to take it back, so guys feel comfortable in my clothing. I want them to be able to wear it to dinner and in turn dress it up for a night out. So it all intermixed and flows with everything.

Biggest milestone? It’s with the process of launching my line. A lot of doors have opened to me. I am a young man from Pacoima – I can say that God has blessed me and given me my heart’s desires. I have been overwhelmed by what has happened in my life. It’s been one awesome adventure. Its exceeded my expectations. I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be here. I have been presented with a lot of doorways to walk through. Never did I think I would be in the position that I am in. My faith in God and just knowing there was a plan for my life, I believe he always had this in store for me. Having a positive attitude and being grateful for everything that I have. I think deep down my mom always knew there was something bigger and greater for my life. My mom and dad instilled faith. It was always a big part of growing up.

Pictured below: Robert Mata created the signature look for Dwayne Johnson’s character in the five season hit, “Ballers.” The HBO TV show, a football comedy-drama was nominated for 26 TV show awards from 2015-2019.


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