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Rodeo Surgical Art’s Dr. David Shahram Mashhadian, shares his top insider secrets that every woman (and man) should know!dr2
Dr. Mashhadian brings art, science and the unique elegance of surgical intricacies together. Visit to learn more. 
He was born to improve his patients’ lives and is a rarity in the field. Since the age of 5-years-old, Dr. Mashhadian was super curious about how things worked. This sense of curiosity lead him to dissect every toy, every electric appliance and any other object that had some type of mechanism in its function. Even at that early age, he knew he wanted to be a doctor and help people. By the age 10, he developed an interest in art, especially drawing and complex coloring. His artistic capabilities flourished during his college years, where he excelled in the field of ceramics, pottery and oil painting. At this early age he had tremendous manual dexterity utilizing his hands. You may see a few of his artistic work examples at his prestigious Rodeo Drive Cosmetic Surgery office. His interests in science and “how things work” and his attention to small details, has led him to become involved in the field of scientific research at Hofstra University. He rapidly excelled in the field of Electron Microscopy and Molecular Biology, which led to publication of his papers in respected scientific journals.
   What makes this cosmetic boutique clinic stand out among the many others in Southern California? Dr. Mashhadian is one of the few and rare surgeons who has earned two doctoral degrees and is a dually trained surgeon. He has extensive training and experience in the field of Maxillo-Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery. This is a special unique combination when it comes to facial procedures. Thus, what does Rodeo Surgical Art stand for? This is a combination of 45 years of self-improving, pushing the limit and polishing every small detail, all in the pursuit of perfection. Well you may ask, “What’s the difference?” There are so many plastic surgeons and so many doctors that do Botox and fillers. The difference is Dr. Mashhadian and his team. The difference is how it’s done, and how he performs his injectable and surgical procedures. It’s all about surgical elegance, and the very small personal touches and inerrancy. Cosmetic surgery is the only field of surgery where every small detail is scrutinized by the patient. It is truly an Art. It’s all about “who and how” the paint is placed on the canvas.
   How does technology matter? Newest technologies and machines are NOT always the answer. They may lack proven track records. A true, honest and confident surgeon should NOT expose his/her patient to newly introduced products, machines and procedures until they truly have proven themselves. Dr. Mashhadian carefully and diligently researches and examines each of the newly emerging products and procedures. Currently there are fabulous products and technologies available on the market to enhance our face and bodies. However, what’s utmost important “is how and who” is utilizing the newest technologies and products in the cosmetic surgery market.


After completing your due diligences, how comfortable are you with your surgeon?

  • Research your procedures ahead of time.
  • Be educated about your doctor’s education and background.
  • Is he/she specifically trained in Cosmetic Surgery?
  • Does he/she perform your interested procedures on regular bases?
  • Can he/she show you well organized before and after photos results? And are the results aligned with your cosmetic goals?
  • Is the Surgeon Board Certified in Cosmetic Surgery?  (However Board Certification is NOT enough. Your Surgeon MUST possess keen artistic surgical capability, be up to date with the latest education, tremendous experience, and great Aesthetic vision.)
  • Is the Cosmetic Surgeon’s Aesthetic Visions aligned with your aesthetic goals?
  • Does he/she have privileges in a hospital? Do you feel comfortable with the surgeon? Does he/she listen to your concerns and address them thoroughly? 
  • Is the office clean, organized, and professional? 
  • Is the staff friendly, courteous, and happy to see you? Is the atmosphere warm and inviting?
Giving back to the community is important! Dr. Mashhadian also truly enjoys helping children. He believes in giving back. From early on in his training, he has helped disadvantaged children with minor facial trauma, cleft lip and palates, while he also aides many adult patients by providing probono surgical services for those who are unable to afford certain necessary surgeries.


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