Dream Travel Job Alert: Campspot Is Looking For A Chief Outdoor Officer (COO) To Spend The Summer Outdoors

Just when we thought dream jobs cease to exist, Campspot, the leading booking site and app for private campgrounds,  is on the search for a seasonal “Chief Outdoor Officer” (COO).

 No Zoom meetings or hybrid work schedule for this COO, however–this three-month position was created to spend the entire outdoors on Paid Time Off (PTO.)

That’s right: Campspot’s  ‘Summer COO’ role will come with a $10k travel stipend, a $2k monthly ‘salary’ and a virtual assistant to take care of any real-world to-do lists.

Whether splashing in a waterpark, stargazing under the open sky, ziplining through the air, or toasting the perfect s’more around a campfire, the Summer COO will be able to enjoy the best of Campspot’s selection of more than 200,000 tents, RV, or glamping campsites. 

The only job requirement? Must love camping. 

What are ‘Summer COO’ Responsibilities?

Campspot’s Summer “Chief Outdoor Officer” will receive a $10,000 travel stipend and a $2,000 monthly “salary” to spend as much of their summer months outdoors as possible with the companions of their choice*. 

With a full-time PTO schedule ahead of them, the Summer COO will also be supported with a virtual assistant membership to help with any pesky real-life to-do items. Rather than spending their summer on home repairs, meal planning, or back-to-school shopping, the COO can use their newfound perks to delegate these tasks and focus instead on spending time where it matters—outdoors with loved ones. 

How To Apply For ‘Summer COO’?

For anyone interested in upgrading their summer moments, go to by Friday, June 30 at 11:59 pm CT to apply as Campspot’s Summer COO by entering your funniest “out-of-office” reply. The winning Chief Outdoor Officer will be selected and notified by July 14. Must be 21+ to apply.

*This position isn’t real, but the perks are. Please view the full terms and conditions here


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