Bosstalks and Single Moms Planet: Brunch with Vision

On May 6th, 2023, the Culver Hotel played host to a one-of-a-kind event that brought together like-minded women for a day of empowerment, connection, and creativity. The Brunch + Vision Board Workshop, presented by Single Moms Planet and Boss Talks, provided attendees with the opportunity to enjoy a delicious brunch, sip champagne, and create their own vision board.

The event was held in the heart of Downtown Culver City, at the iconic Culver Hotel. This National Landmark boasts a rich history and classic European ambiance, making it the perfect setting for a day of inspiration and elegance.

Single Moms Planet, founded by Neferteri Plessy, is dedicated to supporting under-resourced single mom business owners and working mothers nationwide. Their comprehensive programs of financial literacy, business development, mentorship, and entrepreneurial training provide education, accountability, and hope.

Boss Talks, founded by Hillary Gadsby and Wendi Boyden, is a global community empowering women entrepreneurs and business leaders to step out of isolation and level up their businesses and careers to unleash their revenue potential. Their mission is to provide professional women with mentorship by top women entrepreneurs and a safe space where they can learn and ask for what they need with no negativity, no judgment, and no fear.

The keynote speaker for the event was award-winning bilingual travel journalist, television host, and global public speaker, Jeannette Ceja. Jeannette shared her inspiring story with attendees, encouraging them to pursue their passions and dreams.

The day concluded with attendees leaving with their very own vision boards, created with all the necessary materials provided by the event. The Brunch + Vision Board Workshop proved to be an empowering event that left attendees feeling inspired, connected, and motivated to achieve their goals and dreams.

In honor of Mother’s Day, the event highlighted some of the key people behind the production of this beautiful event, along with a couple of guests who had a beautiful experience. The Brunch + Vision Board Workshop was truly the ultimate ladies’ day out, and attendees left feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take on the world.

Hillary Gadsby

Hillary Gadsby, co-founder and CEO of Boss Talks, is a master connector who constantly seeks out opportunities for women in their life and business. During her early years in business, Hillary experienced the reality that, when in search of professional guidance, the only resources were often textbooks or male mentors who didn’t grasp the unique challenges of women entrepreneurs. Hillary’s broad understanding of the lack of women-based resources paired with her experience working with industry giants like Ralph Lauren, prompted her to begin a speaker series in Los Angeles, giving a platform to women who have run successful businesses against all odds. Thus BossTalks was born, and ambitious women began to flock together to gain the critical ingredients needed to excel along with a safe place to share their unique challenges.

Wendi Boyden

Wendi Boyden, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Boss Talks, plays an integral role in increasing the economic footprint of women. With a background as an attorney as well in leadership roles in cyber security and technology insurance, Wendi experienced a lack of women mentors, specifically in senior positions. She was determined to do something about the disadvantage women have in rising to top leadership positions, so she left the corporate world and joined forces with co-founder, Hillary Gadsby to launch Boss Talks, a global mentorship platform for women entrepreneurs. Wendi’s role includes developing operational systems, organizational planning, legal support, budgeting oversight, managing the organization’s Mentor and Chapter Director program. With every detail of her work, Wendi’s goal is to arm women with the mindsets, skills, connections, and mentorship to run 6+ figure businesses, while living their lives with purpose and achieving the freedom they desire.

Neferteri Plessy

Single Moms Planet was founded by model and television host Nefeteri Plessy, who is also the CEO of Elevated Strategist, a company that works with top executives, experts, entrepreneurs, and athletes to maximize their brand visibility. Neferteri understood there was a need for valuable resources to support corporate and entrepreneurial mothers to sustain financial freedom and economic growth, as she was raised by a working single mother. Bringing her years of experience as a model and media personality for Fortune 500 companies and brands like Target, Starbucks, Apple, Delta Faucets, The NFL, and more she’s helped train over 5,000 women into launching their own 6-figure plus online businesses by building digital audiences, gaining financial freedom and establishing wealth-building strategies. Through her work with Single Moms Planet, Neferteri has recently launched the SMP 100 Accelerator, a breakthrough entrepreneurial, and executive business coaching program which serves as the training incubator for Single Moms Planet’s small business grant recipients. In addition, Neferteri Plessy serves as the Chief of Marketing for her co-founder Cole Pattersons’ company Cole Skincare for Men, through their work together Neferteri and Cole have created a support system for mothers raising sons by helping them develop healthy grooming and self-care habits.

Cole Patterson

Cole Patterson, the co-founder of Single Moms Planet, is an advocate for entrepreneurial mothers, working single mothers, and women in business. She has a personal mission to support women-owned and minority businesses as she understands the challenges single mothers face with balancing family, work, and self-care. The pressures of bootstrapping a business, raising children, and balancing life are challenging yet attainable. Cole has been known in Hollywood for years as a talented makeup artist, groomer, skincare specialist, and entrepreneur, working with clients including Usher, Harold Perrineau, and more. In 2017, Cole launched her signature brand Cole Skincare for Men, a niche brand independently funded and operated. Cole believes every step toward generational wealth begins with having the right resources, network, and support. In addition, Cole recently added the name of Director to her resume, making her directorial debut this past holiday season with the film “Holiday Hideaway,” which is currently streaming on BET+ and starred Vivica A. Fox and Camille Winbush, among others.

LaBritney Franklin

LaBritney Franklin is a talented music artist, actress, and CEO of multiple companies. She founded LaNation Entertainment, LaNation Shop retail, and the nonprofit organization Women In The Building. Born in Detroit, Michigan, LaBritney developed a passion for the performing arts at age 5. At age 14 La’Britney became a teenage mother. While balancing her career and motherhood, LaBritney continues to forge her own path and build her legacy. As an independent artist, LaBritney founded LaNation Entertainment. She has appeared on multiple international TV shows and toured nationally, developing her headlining show “The La’Britney Show”. LaNation Entertainment aims to help independent artists break into the entertainment industry. With a passion for fashion, LaBritney founded LaNation Shop, a retail store selling athletic apparel, loungewear, and black-owned brands like IV Attire and Mother Hustler. LaNation Shop strives to give independent designers a platform to create and sell their brands. As a young mother, LaBritney has always sought to empower women like herself. She donates time to organizations for teen parents and single mothers, inspiring her to create the nonprofit Women In The Building which aims to provide resources for entrepreneurial women. LaBritney’s favorite quote, “Impossible = I’m Possible”, reflects her mission to make an impact and help others pursue theirs.

Jeannette Ceja

Jeannette Ceja is an award-winning bilingual travel journalist, television host, and global public speaker. As an on-air travel expert, she has appeared on BBC World News, ABC7 Los Angeles, WTTW Chicago, FOX 11 Los Angeles, Mexico Travel Channel, Good Day Austin, KUSI News, and other media outlets worldwide. Last year, she won two awards, including being named a Top Forty Under 40 Honoree by Al Día News and the Latina Joven de Impacto Mundial award at the Líder Gladiador Conference. Jeannette received her Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Belmont University and completed the Professional Program in Producing at the University of California, Los Angeles. While at Belmont, Jeannette interned at Fox News Chicago, WTVF- CBS in Nashville, the Tennessean newspaper, and completed the Chips Quinn Scholar Program for Diversity in Journalism.

Tiffeny Lynn Cambridge

Tiffeny Lynn Cambridge knows children all too well! She has been an educator teaching inner city youth in the Inglewood Unified School District for 25 years. A graduate of the University of Southern California, Tiiffeny has earned her Master’s degree in Multicultural Education. She has spent the last 25 years teaching, mentoring, encouraging, and carefully guiding or next generation of leaders. 

Tiffeny is a mother of 2, and is the esteemed author of the children’s book, “The Little Girl Who Lost Her Smile.” Tiffeny and her family were introduced to the public on a national level in 2012 when she co-starred in the hit VH1 reality series, “Marrying the Game.”

Currently Tiffeny is working on continuing her children’s book series, partnering with early childhood literacy programs, and advocating for breast cancer awareness. Her hope is to continue to inspire women to believe in themselves, never quit, and to keep moving forward no matter what obstacles they may face.

Laura Gnewuch

Laura Gnewuch is a woman who is very passionate about people and making genuine connections. Laura works is a corporate woman, but her true calling is also to serve others and support meaningful causes for women and children. Laura was born and raised in Chile, growing up in Chile gave her the power of community, solidarity and help to those in need. Then in 1992, her life changed with a move to the United States. While in College, she completed a class called ” Community Service” to which she devoted many hours of service. In addition, Laura was on the Dean’s list at Orange Coast College. Afterward, she went into the professional world and earned a Degree in Accounting from Irvine Valley College, all while working full-time and raising her daughter. Since then, she has worked in Accounting for several corporations. One major factor she considers when selecting a company or service is the level of Community Engagement. Laura has received many accolades for her hard work and dedication to Philanthropy including being recognized with Oustanding Volunteer Certificates from ONE OC Foundation, National Philanthropic Association. Orange County Community Foundation ” Rookie of the Year” in the United Way and Angels Foundation in 2012. She was a former Board member of the Eli Home, a shelter for abused children. Currently serving as an Ambassador for Compassion with Action a nonprofit organization helping the unforgotten like single parents, children, and victims of sex trafficking. Her motto lines are ” A giver’s soul is a happier soul”.

“Creating the vision board was an amazing experience to help me continue the road of my journey. It was also wonderful meeting wonderful souls at the event. May favorite part was the camaraderie of the all the powerful visionaries. I highly recommend to everyone for them to take the time to create a vision board in order to help them manifest their dreams. I loved that Jeanette (Jetset With Jeanette) was able guide & lead this through the creation of this!”

Desiree Shank

Desiree has over 20 years of digital media agency experience. She was one of the first 10% hired at Shopify and now is Vice President at Raindrop Agency in San Diego. She’s an entrepreneur, single-solo mom, founder, and business owner. She’s been featured on CNBC, Forbes, and Nerdwallet and even pitched her former startup on National TV for funding. Desiree has helped scale and rapidly grow some of the top-performing online stores on Shopify. She enjoys teaching startups through workshops and online courses through her Just Startup community with 600+ brands. You can also find her as an instructor on 100 Million Academy, an ongoing contributor to Modern Mom Magazine, as well as an expert panelist and educator for Single Moms Planet. She is also a speaker/host and moderator for events like Shopify’s Sustainability Series, SHEEO World Summit, Ecomm Tech, Thinkific’s Amplify Summit, The Mom Economy, Elevator Studios, Cultivate & Conquer, W3B Brands, Flex NFTs, Made in Hawaii Festival, Mana Up Hawaii, and many more.  Superpowers: all things startups and business development, people connector, and digital marketing master.

“I had an amazing time surrounded by incredible women, creating new relationships & enjoyed casting vision of our dreams and goals.”


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