This Venezuelan multi-talented singer and actor is a triple threat Latino sensation. He began his career in theater and later evolved to television, singing and modeling. In 2007, he began his Telenovela career, recognized in awards shows such as “Premios Tu Mundo,” “Miami Life Awards” and “Premios People en Español.” His most recent single “Hacemos El Amor” is spicing up sound waves around the world. 

Photographer Pamela Berlanga

Creative Director Tricia Love

Wardrobe Designer Fernando Valenzuela || Jewelry Designer Walid Chebly

Location Hotel El Ganzo || Los Cabos International Film Festival

Did you always want to be an actor and performer? How did your career in acting transition into music?

To be honest, I always wanted to be a singer, first music came into my life and since I was a child I studied music, but after doing musical theater, I started the taste for acting and that’s how I developed in both worlds. 

Do you believe everyone has a “bigger purpose” here on Earth? If so, how do you define your “bigger purpose”?
Of course, if I believe it, we certainly come to this world with a purpose, that’s why you should always hear that inner voice that guides you. I always knew that my purpose was to entertain and bring joy to my people, so I fight for my dreams. 

What do you want your legacy be?

I want to be remembered as a person who helped other people, someone who was always in touch with his community. I think “to be famous” is to have responsibilities and you have to use what life gives you for good. 

How would you describe the inspiration for your work ethic and passion for acting/performing?

I would dare to say that at this point my fans are my greatest inspiration, to see that year after year they are still there, supporting my career and growing with me, is something that fills me with joy and motivates me to keep going and moving forward. 

What is your “go-to” fashion/style?

I have always liked to wear basic clothes but I always combine them with accessories that represent me, they are accessories by which people identify me– that’s my fashion! 

What is your favorite quote and or life philosophy?

I really don’t have one, but what does represent me is thanks. I am extremely grateful for life and the people who are part of my environment every day. I think when you are grateful, life itself smiles at you. 

How do you describe the rhythm and flow of your music to those who are just hearing your music for the first time?

I define it as Latin music, full of different life experiences and different sounds that have characterized my life. I am a lover of live music, so they will always hear organic sounds in my productions. 

If you had to choose between your acting career and music which would it be- OR would you? Or are you equally passionate about both?

It is a very difficult question to answer because each art has given me a lot, music has been my passion and acting has opened the doors of the world to me, that is why I find it difficult to choose, but if I had to lean towards one, it would be for music, there is something inside me that tells me that I must follow the musical path. 

How has it been for you crossing over into the American television market?

It has been a great achievement in my career, it is a great market, especially because of the cultural crossroads in the American market and knowing that I am part of that movement fills me with pride. 

Current and future projects for 2020 and beyond you are most excited about?

I am very excited because 2019 was a great year, I starred in 3 movies, I made a soap opera and I had 3 musical releases. I started 2020 by starring in a great musical play and that makes me very happy. 


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