Esther Anaya
Violinist, Philanthropist & Fashionista
Boldly Breaking the Mold!

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Colombian born, violinist Esther Anaya is the innovative, modern face of a new fusion of music, based on classical violin with a truly creative twist. Most recently, her benefit holiday concert raised funds to bring the opportunity to obtain instruments and musical training for her hometown’s low-income children of the foundation “La Rueda Rueda de Pan y Canela” in Monteria, Colombia.

Q: Do you ever get told that you are breaking the mold, as in your own ethnic background and as well as a woman? What is that like? I do. It has always been my goal to break the mold and do things that other people are not doing. There is always room for innovation and creativity and that is where I have the most fun. Being a woman in a male-dominated industry is a very challenging task. However, it has given me the strength to prove people wrong. Those who never thought that I was capable enough are now seeing what a strong woman can do when she believes in herself and accepts no limitations. I strongly believe there is room for everyone in the industry, women and men, and there should be no gender restrictions. I want to inspire other women like me to believe that no matter how big or small your dreams are, you can do it if you put your fear aside. There is only one life and we have to create the most and best memories out of it because those are the only ones we will take with us the day we die.

Q: How do you describe your love and passion for the violin? My love for music was inspired by my father. Growing up listening to him sing and compose beautiful songs to my mother sparked an interest in music at an early age that later evolved into a deep part of who I am. As a kid, I would sing along with my dad but wasn’t sure what instrument to pick. At the age of 6, I watched a movie that showcased a violin and fell absolutely in love with the sound of the instrument. I knew at that moment that the violin was going to be my second voice and way to express my passion for music.

Q: What has your journey been like in the light of being a musician? It hasn’t been easy at all. I have cried, laughed, lost friends, made new friends and faced tough rejections. I have felt like giving up many times but that’s where my faith in God gave me the strength to persevere and patiently strive toward my dreams. My family and friends have also been crucial in providing support and encouragement when I most needed it. I was 6-years-old when I first held a violin. I also picked up percussion and piano but I was always tied to the violin. Years later, I still feel it is just the beginning. I am a strong believer in the fact that the more you grow the bigger our dreams get, and everything is possible with God.

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